BYH, watching this administration is like watching a mob movie....

Sept. 19 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Now that ECU is selling beer at football games we should change drunk driving laws. If a person gets a DUI after leaving an ECU football game they should be made to make a donation to the Pirate Club in lieu of criminal charges. If they are already Pirate Club members they should get better seats. 

Regarding the entry about the Little Free Library at Peppermint Park: READ ENC Community Literacy Coalition (readenc.org) is mapping all of the Little Free Libraries in Pitt County and arranging repair for two that were damaged. Look for a beautifully renewed Little Free Library at Peppermint Park very soon! Thank you for donating books whenever you can.

Bless employers hearts. The least you can do is tell someone they didn't get the job!

Bless our hearts, the last thing we need is another war in the Middle East. No one is attacking Texas oil fields, no one is invading Nebraska. This has to stop.

OK boys, the special election is over. Please protect our environment and clean up all of your signs Murphy and Thomas.

BYH NCDOT for spending millions of our tax dollars to cross over the railroad tracks but refusing to spend pennies on some paint to ensure it is safe for all users to be on the shared road. We should name it the 10th St "almost connector"

No BYH here but a warning to the teenage girl driving and texting in a silver blueish Honda on Ivy Road. You almost hit me head-on and once you got back in lane you kept looking at your phone. My death from your ignorance and arrogance would be life-changing and detrimental to my family, so put your phone down. It's not that important, but our lives are.

A no BYH to those people who go back on their life long promises to others. This person is really disappointed with them.

A no BYH to those family members that I annoy. Well you annoy me, too, with your quirks and everything else. I am as much a member of the family as you are. So take that! I will not stay silent or in my room. I'm a grown person!

Bless the heart of the governor not showing up for the ribbon cutting for the 10th Street Connector. He doesn't care about eastern North Carolina, but thankfully we have good leadership with our mayor, P.J. Connelly.

So we lost Rep Murphy to D.C. but I sure hope we do not lose our esteemed mayor. It is just a matter of time before that young man heads to the big house in Raleigh or to D.C. with Rep. Murphy.

Do you think I could ask the mayor for an autographed picture? The guy is a legend in our town and is a much better leader than those in the past.

BYH to the person who has nothing better to do but to get up, brush your teeth, and then write mushy Bless Your Hearts for the mayor. Get a life.

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