BYH, watching this administration is like watching a mob movie....

Oct. 10 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, October 10, 2019

It was Hillary's turn to be president and it is only fair that Trump be impeached. Cutting in line may be cute but it is wrong!

BYH to the Hope Middle School parent worrying about lockers. Your students won't use one at D.H. Conley. Not one of the 1,700 Viking students use a locker. Not ever.

With all this talk about stormwater, what happened to all the rain? Do you think the mayor has ordered no additional rainfall on the city of Greenville? I can hear the chants right now, four more years, four more years!

14th Street ends at Dickinson Avenue. 14th Avenue begins at Dickinson Avenue and stops at Fifth Street. The 14th Street sign over Leo Jenkins Highway should read 14th Avenue not 14th Street. Also, in my opinion, Leo Jenkins Highway's speed limit should be raised to 45 mph from 35 mph and be enforced. 

BYH to all Democrats, I am not about to give up my bible or my AR-15.

BYH to all the students who have left town for fall break. Fifth Street, downtown and surrounding neighborhoods are so quiet without their presence. Let us not forget how blessed our city is to have East Carolina University with all the energy and vibrancy the students bring to our community.

BYH GPD for installing a radar light on the 10th Street bridge and doing nothing about the speedsters it measures. I saw it show speeds of 55 and 60 but it is in a 35 mph zone where families live. Please enforce our speed limits and keep us safe-plus fund our schools better.

BYH and congratulations to Tynita Butts who finished in eighth place in the women's high jump competition at the recent Doha World Athletic Championships. Tynita competed for ECU through 2013 and was an outstanding Pirate. No BYH to the DR for completely ignoring her outstanding performance.

Thanks for sharing. Sorry we missed it. It was not intentional. Way to go Tynita!

Bless my heart, I'm doing crunches twice a day now. Captain in the morning, and Nestle at night.

BYH to the drivers and parents who have to deal with the terrible traffic at the Wintergreen school. There have been two major accidents in the last week. Where is the SRO? We pay taxes for this officer to assist at the school. There needs to be some changes before someone gets killed.

BYH, here is your punctuation tip for the day, using a colon in a sentence can really change its meaning, for example: Jane ate her friend's sandwich. Jane ate her friend's colon. See?

Wow. Anatomy and grammar. Kinda gross, though.

BYH, you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

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