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STORM: Well versed: A Haiku tribute to the Storm boys

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Janet Storm

Sunday, March 19, 2017

There is something about my two little dogs that inspires verse. I often address them in rhyme — Ollie Dolly and Einstein Superfine — and stanzas sometimes pop into my head when describing their behavior.

“Storm boys make some noise when they drag out all their toys ...”

Lately, I have been serenading them with Haiku — the Japanese poem style of three lines with five, seven, and five syllables. 

So, without further ado, here are 17 short odes to the fabulous Storm boys:


Little ball of fire

crackles across the back lawn,

a squirrel in his sights.

Proudly standing guard

by a front-facing window

his fierce bark rings out.

Snuggled by my hip

his furry foot is twitching

what is he dreaming?

If he wants to change 

the direction of our walk,

he quickly lies down.

Please do not bully

your poor, sweet-natured brother

and steal his biscuit.

“Want to go outside?”

He spins and spins in circles,

expressing delight.

This tiny canine

somehow seems to occupy

the entire bed.

One ear stands straight up,

One hangs down, endearingly.

How I love this boy.


His silky black ears

and muzzle dusted with gray

always melt my heart.

Curled in a circle

his head on an old pillow,

he dreams of bacon.

Oh, that happy dance

whenever I mention lunch;

so easy to please.

When we go walking

I keep my eyes on the ground —

who know what he’ll grab?

He doesn’t bark much,

but his howl rattles windows

when I arrive home.

He enjoys chewing

on the arm of a sweatshirt 

in the laundry pile.

He’s not a lap dog,

but sometimes in the morning

he lets me hold him.

Lying on his back

Asleep in the sunny spot,

At peace with the world.


The Storm boys

They are not perfect

but when I see their faces

my heart fills with joy.


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