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Update: Chief says one shot was fired

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Police respond to a call of shots fired Friday night at the AMC Theater on Fire Tower Road in Greenville.


The Daily Reflector

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A battery of Greenville Police Department officers responded to the AMC theater on Fire Tower Road about 11:45 p.m. Friday after a report of shots fired. 

Officers responded after an altercation between several people, police department spokeswoman Kristen Hunter said. Shots were reportedly fired, she said.

Details from the scene varied, but Police Chief Mark Holtzman said at an 11:30 a.m. news conference today that one shot had been fired and that no one was hurt.

Police say this was an isolated incident between the individuals engaged in the altercation.

The movie theater was evacuated as a precaution. Management declined to comment on the incident.

Three people were detained for questioning — officers detained at least one of them in the parking lot of the neighboring Wal-Mart market.

Officers responded quickly to the theater with rifles raised in what was a scary scene, said moviegoer Bill Lamanteer after the incident.

He had just seen the movie “The Black Panther” and was exiting the screening room when the commotion began, he said.

“Someone said ‘shooter, active shooter’ and it sounded like some popcorn popping,” Lamanteer said. “Didn’t sound like gunshots. Then all of a sudden (you) hear some girls scream.”

Someone said No. 2, No. 2, leave, leave, Lamanteer said. He and some other adults shuffled a half dozen children into the restrooms and stood outside of the rooms until it was safe, he said.

He worried what would have happened if police had been prompted to fire their weapons. “This could have been nasty,” he said.