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GAMEDAY: Q&A with Zay Jones

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East Carolina University wide receiver Zay Jones. (Abbey Mercando/The Daily Reflector)


By Ronnie Woodward
The Daily Reflector

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Q: You have officially gone from Isaiah to Zay on the roster. How did that come about?

A: I drove it, but who gave me the initial nickname was my mom. She called me Zay-Zay as a little kid and that was my nickname. I’ve kind of made the transition here with everything, but I still love Isaiah and still get both names. From my teachers, I get Isaiah.

Q: Which potential breakout players should Pirate fans watch out for today?

A: Colby Gore, a young freshman cornerback. I’m really proud of him and the success he’s seen and strides he has made. And the other guy has been here for a little bit, but I still feel like he deserves more credit than he gets, and that’s (senior receiver) Jimmy Williams. He has made great strides and will be a great threat for us.

Q: Thoughts about your first game as a senior?

A: I’m excited, but I’m holding it back because I’m really focused. I’m not saying a whole lot, because there’s not a lot left to say anymore. It’s about going out to produce.

Q: What is a Catamount?

A: A good team, and that’s what I know matters. I’m not quite sure what the mascot is, but I know they can ball so we’ll have to be ready for them.

Q: How is your shoulder, which limited you last season and kept you out of spring practice?

A: The shoulder is good and ready to go. I’m tough. I’m going to be ready and not worried about it.