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Burr, Butterfield, Jones for U.S. Congress

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U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

The 2016 general election in Pitt County features races for one of North Carolina's U.S. Senate seats and the District 1 and District 3 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Daily Reflector gives its Senate endorsement to Republican incumbent Richard Burr of Winston-Salem over Democratic challenger Deborah Ross of Raleigh.

Burr counters current national reports of low unemployment with the “harsh truth” that many Americans have given up looking for work. Ross proposes to boost small businesses through tax credits and a raise in the minimum wage.

Burr would simplify the overly complex federal income tax system while eliminating loopholes in the tax code that benefit special interests. Ross proposes to reform the tax code to allow middle-class families to keep $1,000 or more of their annual earnings and end tax breaks for companies that ship work overseas.

Both Burr and Ross support pay equity for women.

Burr would revive the economy and create more jobs through elimination of excessive regulatory mandates. Both candidates say they oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Burr has helped create the Veterans Choice program that lets veterans see a doctor of their choice if they are placed on a VA waiting list. Ross cracked down on payday lending schemes that target service members transitioning back to civilian life.

Ross has said she supports Obamacare. Burr would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with his “Patient CARE Act,” giving tax credits to those who do not have health insurance through their employers. He supports health insurance coverage across state lines.

The Daily Reflector gives its endorsement for U.S. House District 1 to 12-year Democratic incumbent G.K. Butterfield of Wilson over Republican challenger H. Powell Dew of Stantonsburg and Libertarian candidate J.J. Summerell of Greensboro.

Butterfield's priorities for the next term are education, rural workforce development, community revitalization and infrastructure upgrades. He has helped secure more than $1 billion dollars during his term for these purposes. Having risen from the House ranks to become chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Butterfield has become one of the more prominent voices in Congress and can use his recognition to bolster his district.

Dew, a minister, decided to run only when he saw there were no other Republicans running against Butterfield. He is a strong states' rights proponent and opposes any restrictions on gun ownership and supports the death penalty. He opposes same-sex marriage. and opposes women's abortion rights.

Summerell proposes to reroute all federal education funding directly to school districts to fund private management of schools. He supports stronger efforts to attack poverty and supports environmental protection efforts.

The Daily Reflector gives its endorsement for U.S. House District 3 to 21-year Republican incumbent Walter B. Jones of Farmville over Democratic challenger Ernest Reeves of Greenville. Jones sponsored the 2016 Social Security Guarantee Act and the Eastern North Carolina Gateway Act of 2016 to designate U.S. 264 as a future part of the Interstate System. He is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and a strong supporter of veterans.


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