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Community unity, blood shortage, stepping up for needy


The American Red Cross manages a blood drive at the Murphy Center on July 10, 2017. (Joe Pellegrino/The Daily Reflector)


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Laurels — To Ayden for revitalizing its Citizens Police Academy program. The program is aimed at helping Ayden citizens better understand the police and how they can work together to build a stronger community. Participants in this year’s academy — the first since 2009 — said it helped them gain a deeper appreciation for the work done by local officers. That’s a solid step toward a safer, more cohesive community.

Darts — To slow summertime donations that have left state blood supplies at a critically low level. More than 20 percent of the American Red Cross' blood drives are hosted on college campuses and high schools, so when school's out for summer fewer people are around to donate blood. Vacations also mean fewer regular donors are not keeping appointments. It is an excellent time to attend a blood drive and give a lifesaving gift.

Laurels — To the expansion of local pharmaceutical operation Mayne Pharma. A 126,000-square-foot production facility in the Indigreen Corporate Park and a 36,000-square-foot administrative building also underway represent an $80 million investment and an addition of more than 100 science and technology jobs to its base of 350 workers. That kind of growth should bring big benefits to the local economy.

Laurels — To a donation program that steps up for people in need. Omega Sports stores in North Carolina, including the Greenville store, are collecting used footwear throughout July for the chain’s 25th annual Summer Sneaker Trade-in. Customers who drop off used shoes get a discount, the store donates footwear that still is in good shape to local charities. Everybody wins, and it proves that giving is good for the soul — and the sole.

Darts — To an ongoing dispute between the governor and the legislature that is keeping local election board seats from being filled. Ten percent of the state's county boards, including Pitt, are made up of three members and each has had a member step down this year. This prevents them from voting on issues needed to prepare for the upcoming municipal elections because they lack quorums. Let’s hope the state Supreme Court is able to settle this matter, and quickly.

Laurels — To a partnership between Greenville and Ayden police departments targeting gang activity that resulted in 86 arrests and the seizure of drugs and firearms.The effort began because the same people were going back and forth between Ayden and Greenville committing the same types of crime. Some gang activity has shifted to smaller towns due to their limited enforcement resources. Teaming up is a smart way to boost resources and halt that trend.

Darts — To an ongoing risk of fraud or embezzlement in the offices of Superior Court clerks of court because some clerks refuse to follow the law. Problems include staff members performing overlapping duties, resulting in an absence of checks and balances, and late or nonexistent inventories of estates. State Auditor Beth Wood is right when she says that clerks that don’t follow the law should be voted out of office or brought in line by the Administrative Office of Courts.