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Haley Davis


The Daily Reflector

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ayden-Grifton senior Haley Davis is the libero for the Chargers’ volleyball team, which is 7-1 so far this year. Davis chatted with Reflector prep sports beat writer Jordan Anders this week about the team’s early success, as well as her love of beach volleyball.

Q: How long have you been playing volleyball?

A: I got started when I was in the fifth grade and I’ve played that to my senior year, and I’ve been playing beach volleyball for three years.

Q: What got you started playing it?

A: I went to a really small private school (Christ Covenant), and they let fifth-graders play on the middle school team because they didn’t have enough people to play.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about playing volleyball?

A: It’s just kind of like the biggest part of my life. I’ve had a lot of really good coaches (like) Diana Bennett, David Perkins, and they’ve just helped me with life way more than volleyball.

Q: What’s the best part of playing on this Ayden-Grifton team?

A: The passion. I get so much energy into it that it just sort of overflows. It’s just a part of me.

Q: You play libero for the Chargers. Is that the position you’ve always played?

A: No. I’ve played everything except setter.

Q: How long have you played libero?

A: Last year was my first year.

Q: Was that a tough transition learning a new position?

A: Technique-wise, no. Just the rules behind it are a little different.

Q: This team has a 7-1 record. What has been behind the good start?

A: A few of us have grown up playing together since we were in sixth grade. We’ve just known each other for years and, for some reason, this year we’ve been able to have a lot of chemistry that we haven’t had in other years, which is why I feel like it’s made a complete turn. A couple of years ago, we lost our first 13 matches, so it’s been a huge turn this year.

Q: You mentioned also playing beach volleyball. How did that start?

A: Beach volleyball is just two people, so my friend said she needed someone to go out there with her. I went out there and met (coach) David Perkins, and from then on, I was always out there. I practice with the ECU club team a lot, practice with little girls all the way up to people that are in their fifties. Whenever I’m not here (at Ayden-Grifton), I’m out there.

Q: Tell me about some of the differences with beach volleyball and indoor volleyball.

A: You have to be good at everything. Out here, if you’re a setter, you can get by with just being able to set. You can get by with just being able to hit if you’re a hitter. In beach volleyball, you need technique all around.

Q: Where are some of the places you’ve gotten to travel to playing beach volleyball?

A: I have been to a ton of different states the past year. I’ve been to Ohio, Alabama, Wisconsin, and those are just the major ones. I’ve been to nationals the past three years in a row. I’ve been able to play with all different types of people. I’ve played with my coach, who is in his fifties, and I’ve played with people way younger than me. I’ll be able to play it until I’m 80. I’m going to play it as long as I can.



Ayden-Grifton 3, South Lenoir 1

Scores: 25-19,25-17,20-25,25-23.

Leaders: A-G — Zion Hardy 10 kills, Jordan Cannon 39 assists, Lexi Bryant 16 kills.

Record: A-G 7-1,1-0.

Parrott Academy 3

St. Mary’s School 0

Scores: 25-12, 25-9, 25-19.

Leaders: P — Alli Grant Avery 11 kills. 4 aces; Hannah Scott Avery 10 kills; Scarlet Combs 9 kills; Mackenzie Pope 27 assists.

Record: Parrott 7-0.


D.H. Conley 9, West Craven 0

Leaders: DHC — Coleman Ferrell 2 goals, assist; Ediel Lopez goal, 3 assists; Trey Spencer goal, assist.

Record: Conley 4-3.


Parrott Academy 9, Epiphany 0

Singles: Arden Riddle (APA) d. Mary Grace Brinson 8-2; Reagan Perry (APA) d. M.C. Gray 8-0; Cameron Jones (APA) d. Libby Needham 8-0; Blythe Brantley (APA) d. Caitlyn Lowe 8-0; Allison Christiano (APA) d. Ngun Sin 8-0; Mia Minges (APA) d. Abigail Oliver 8-0; 

Doubles: Isabel Morris/Jones (APA) d. Brinson/Gray 8-3; Minges/Grace Brydge (APA) d. Needham/Lowe 8-1; Anne Grayson Lindley/Anna Morris (APA) d. Sin/Oliver 8-4.

Record: Parrott 6-1.


Ayden-Grifton 2, South Lenoir 1

Scores: 25-23,20-25,25-23.

A-G leader: Macee Dunford 15 service points.

Record: A-G 7-1, 1-0.

St. Mary’s 2

Parrott Academy 1

Scores: 25-15, 19-25, 15-8.


Parrott Academy 9

Epiphany 0

APA leaders: Erika Gorin-Rivas and Mary Helen Hood won 8-0 in their singles and doubles matches.

Record: Parrott 2-0.