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PREP SPOTLIGHT: Abby Wordsworth


Abby Wordsworth


The Daily Reflector

Thursday, September 14, 2017

J.H. Rose junior Abby Wordsworth is a team captain on the Rampants’ volleyball team this season. Wordsworth chatted with Reflector prep sports beat writer Jordan Anders this week about the young team and what the title of captain means to her.

Q: What age did you start playing volleyball?

A: I think I was about 8 when I started rec. ball, and I have been playing nonstop ever since then. I pretty much play volleyball all year round. I play for Rose, then I play travel, so I never really stop. It’s the only sport I’ve ever played.

Q: What got you into playing?

A: Definitely my sister. My sister used to play when I was little and I always watched her play growing up. I fell in love with the sport, then when my first tournament came, I fell in love with the game and I never stopped.

Q: What do you like about volleyball?

A: Definitely the game and the feeling of playing. I absolutely love getting kills. [laughs] That’s definitely my favorite thing, but I also enjoy playing with my teammates because they’re all my best friends. None of us get mad at each other and we’re all really supportive.

Q: What position do you play?

A: I’m an outside hitter and a middle back, so I play all the way around.

Q: What do you feel is your strongest asset as a player?

A: Definitely my hitting. One of my best friends, (teammate) CeCe (Wilkerson), she’s definitely a big part of that, too. We work together and take control of the net. 

Q: Is the ability to be a good hitter something you can develop? Or is it something you either have or you don’t?

A: You can work and develop into it. I’ve obviously gotten a lot better since I was younger, but it’s definitely something skill-wise and mental, it’s more practice and working on it. 

Q: You were named a captain this year on a team that only has two seniors. How cool is having that distinction?

A: I like it. I enjoy being a captain because I get to help out (coach) Norm (Cabacar) a lot. Like when he asks us to do things and some of us don’t do them, I can help him out and tell him that they need to follow the rules, and I can help out the people who have never really played before and teach them how to play.

Q: I mentioned how young this team is. Was there a sense among the players that people are maybe doubting this team this year, given Rose’s volleyball history? 

A: We definitely knew people were going to doubt us because of how young we were. A lot of my friends who don’t play volleyball were talking about how young we were and they’ve never seen us play, and I said, ‘Well, we have a lot of talent.’ We might be really young, but we might have the talent of like a freshman in college. We all work together very well and we have more chemistry with each other than most teams do. You watch other teams and they all can get mad at each other or aggravated, and that doesn’t happen with us. We’re all best friends.

Q: Do you play any other sports?

A: I don’t, but I might be playing lacrosse this year in with travel, just to work myself out more and get more in shape. Also, just for the fun of it.

Q: Have you ever played lacrosse before?

A: I have never played lacrosse. [laughs] So we’ll see how that works out.

Q: What about in your down time away from volleyball? How do you relax?

A: I like hanging out with my friends, and I like going to football games. I definitely love going to football games, and just sleeping, honestly. [laughs]

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Chicod 2, G.R. Whitfield 0

Scores: 25-13, 25-18.

Leaders: C — Carson Fleming 6 aces; Cassie Dail 6 aces, 2 kills.

B match

Chicod 2, G.R. Whitfield 0

Scores: 25-10, 25-7.

Leaders: C — Summer Jones 11 aces; Calie Phelps 13 aces.

Record: Both Chicod teams 1-0.