July 19, 2017

The relentless heat and humidity in Greenville in July makes cooking at home more of an uncomfortable chore than a rewarding and tasty experience. Even though it’s stifling hot, we still want to eat yummy baked food, and we still crave Southern classics like fried chicken and macaroni and…


July 05, 2017

We have become a world filled with picky eaters. We go to a restaurant and order a simple menu item and make multiple changes to it. I’ll have the Cobb salad, hold the egg, light cheese, no onion, dressing on the side. By the time we get our meal, it’s a mash-up of the original item.…


June 28, 2017

Last Friday night while you were waiting for a seat at a restaurant, I was at home in my pajamas ordering takeout. When you were sitting down about to order off the menu, I was eating my hot, delicious dinner from a local restaurant. And when you were waiting for your check to come to the table, I…


June 21, 2017

Over the last few years, uptown Greenville, especially Dickinson Avenue, has been in the middle of a revitalization phase and in a constant state of construction. Soon the road closed signs will be taken down and the streets newly paved. This renewed stretch of road will no longer feel like…


June 14, 2017

Do you remember when you were little riding your bike in the neighborhood in the heat of summer or swimming in the pool with friends and you heard the tell-tale music of the ice-cream truck? You got so excited that you ran to your mom and begged her for money so you could buy an ice cream cone or…


June 07, 2017

The Bread Lady is known for its homemade bread, sweet treats and a diverse lunch menu. Owner Elaine Allen started baking bread out of her home in 2002 and since then has built her business literally from the loaf up. Many of you, myself included, happened upon her popular booth at the holiday show…


May 31, 2017

Barbecue in North Carolina is its own religion with flocks of followers frequenting quaint diners, backyard pig pickings, church fundraisers, weddings, any celebratory event and even celebrations of lives lost. Before the sun comes up, workers can be found huddled in the cookhouse and kitchens…


May 24, 2017

On any given night on Main Street in downtown Winterville, you will smell the fresh aromas of grilled shrimp, Old Bay seasoning and steamed oysters. If you are in the mood for fresh seafood and great service, then head over to local favorite Wimpie’s Steam Bar & Grill.

Owners Scott and…


May 17, 2017

Have you ever been told about a new restaurant or wine bar and got so lost trying to find the place that you almost gave up? Then you finally make it, walk in and realize it was all worth it in the end. Well, I’m here to send you on your next adventure to a hidden wine oasis tucked between…


May 10, 2017

For many of us, eating is not just a way to nourish our bodies, it's a savory way to transport us back to our favorite memories with just one bite. Food can take us back to the family table at holidays, passing around the bowl of mashed potatoes with homemade gravy, country-fried steak or corn so…

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