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January 16, 2017

How does it feel to be 70 years old and surrounded by love?

"It feels fine."

What do you think has been the most important part of your legacy?

"I guess I would have to say sports. I think sports are great. We went to 10 state championships. We had six in baseball and four in football."

What do you…


January 13, 2017

"It's a beautiful thing to be a black woman. I don't know if all black women understand that though."

What has been part of your journey that you would like to share?

"I have a long journey. I feel my journey got difficult when I lost my father. I lost him at the age of 12. I was daddy's little…


January 11, 2017

Do you believe that chivalry is dead?


Why do you feel that way?

"The kids now have not been taught the proper way a female or the elderly should be treated."

Do you think people tend to take the traditional approach or a modern approach to dating?

"Modern because a lot of times they don't…


January 09, 2017

"What I like about inclement weather days is the fact that we get to stay inside and do fun activities and be with family. To me the best way to spend a snow day is cuddling up with your loved one. I hope everyone is safe out here. Stay warm and dry!"

Photo and interview by Zevandah Barnes for The…


January 06, 2017

What is your connection to Greenville?

"I am a student here. I am originally from Pakistan. I came here from Raleigh."

What do you like about being a student here in Greenville?

"It is a blue-collar town. Everyone you meet here is a hard working person. I like their vibe. I like the culture and the…


January 04, 2017

Where are you at in your life right now?

"I am in a place of acceptance. Everybody has their own view of the world and perception is everything. We move according to our perception. I feel like I am standing still. I am not chasing things. I am practicing magnetizing things towards me. I only want…


January 02, 2017

"I lived in Greenville 25 years ago for one year. I came back to Greenville after losing about five of my loved ones in a short amount of time. I love Greenville. It's a big small town. It allows you to experience everything in life without the hustle and bustle of a large city."

How did you…


December 30, 2016

"To me, Greenville is not connecting with the urban and diverse community that I am used to in Durham. It is a college town but it has a lack of support from the community. That's one of the problems here. Other than that, it is a great place to come and get a drink."

What would you consider to be…


December 28, 2016

What would you say is the motto that you live by?

"To get the best out of life."

What difficulties have you encountered in your life?

"I come from a small town. There is only one high school. Just graduating high school was a struggle but I did it. I decided to come to Pitt Community College to…


December 26, 2016

"I am still learning about myself, new things and old things that I still love. I am just living life, even through the hard times. I appreciate the simple things, it's not all about buying things. I appreciate flowers and nature itself. I write poetry and read books a lot."

"I am kind of quiet. A…

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