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Sept. 26 Human of Greenville


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How would you describe yourself?

"I am eclectic! Or electric …Or maybe it’s eccentric? I like all of those words a lot. I keep things, people and goings on in my life that reflect my insatiable curiosity. This means lots of colors, shapes, sounds and other stimuli to keep my attention engaged and my brain in discovery mode. The more difficult thing is to slow the discovery mode down; a step that seems conducive to peace of mind. I love to go, go, GO, so peace of mind is a pretty sporadic phenomenon for me. Dear community, if you have any good tips for chilling out, I’d love to hear them! I am a learner, an artist — I love to write, make music, shoot films, dance and more — and an avid nature-worshiper. But with those descriptors, I’m just telling you my sunshine side. I can also be perfectionistic, impatient with people whose views I deem narrow-minded, a borderline-aggressive conversationalist and a crippling worry-wart. But even with these more difficult personal traits, I try to use my gifts and passion to live a healthy life while bringing positivity and adventure wherever I am."

When was the last time you changed your opinion/belief about something major?

"This past summer I took a class on the political economy of art. If that sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, here’s my loose translation: a study of the relationship between the art world and control of society. I had to read all these dense essays about how institutions like government, education, churches, museums, etc., have used art to create and ensure a society that will reproduce itself — while potentially only advancing quality of life for a sliver of the people in it. These readings blew my mind out of its shell and ripped up a lot of the things that I took for granted as “natural” like our economic system, treatment of minorities, and how/to whom we display art. Opinion formulation still in progress: stay tuned. Also at this time, I was reading a few different theories about the nature of reality and background information on Elon Musk’s new company Neuralink, which is neato but also mind-boggling. So if you’ve seen me walking around town touching plants and walls and stuff, I’m probably thinking, 'Whoa … none of this is real, maybe. Whoa! I might be in a multiverse right now. Whoa, brains are incredible!!!'"

As you get older, what are you becoming more and more afraid of?

"Aside from the clear answer (I’m still SO not cool with dying), I’ve found that I’m afraid of turning into someone with whom I wouldn’t want to be good friends. That is, I’m afraid of becoming a leader who rules through intimidation and ego, having lost sight of their core values. I’ve met people who seem to have been seduced by money and attention, and I’m afraid that I’ll allow some variation of this to happen to me. I’m afraid of getting wrapped up in worldly success shared by a few and forgetting about the rest of unprivileged humanity. I realize that this is a pretty ambitious fear and it may come across a little bit like a Miss America contestant answering an interview question with, 'World peace.' But you know what? Yeah. I freaking want world peace and I’m afraid I’ll forget it."

What do you like the most about your family?

"I got so lucky with my family. They’re awesome folks! I love so much about them, but what just came to mind is how we let each other be whatever we want to be. There are four of us and if one wants to try a new hobby, pursue a different career path, change religious practices, or make an unusual friend, it’s backed. That’s not to say we’re not compassionately critical of each other’s choices, but in general my family is wonderfully supportive. As well, those aforementioned choices aren’t always just brief dives into new avocations … our family really allows for individual and unit-wide change over time. That stuff is weird and clunky but is much smoother with love and open-mindedness. With two trained therapists, three musicians, one blossoming brew master, many poets, and an embarrassingly wide range of cooking prowess, we’re a funky bunch and we always have a good time."

Photo and interview by Marlen Lizeth Luna for The Daily Reflector