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Letter: Separate fact from fiction


Friday, February 17, 2017

It has been interesting to read the Bless Your Hearts and Letters to the Editor regarding the Evans Street widening project. I would like to point out that no one has suggested that pedestrian safety be compromised.

In addition, I don't believe I have heard anyone state that Evans Street Extension should not be widened, or that it is effectively accommodating all of the traffic that currently flows to and from Greenville and Winterville. Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see that the road is woefully inadequate to accommodate traffic flow.

According to Robert Deaton with the NC DOT (November 2016 e-mail), "the inclusion of sidewalks will have no bearing on potential impacts to the berm at Shamrock and the vegetation and wall at South Hall. The berm and wall could very well be impacted with or without bike lanes." 

The neighborhoods in this residential corridor are going to be heavily impacted by having Evans closer to our homes.  Why would we want to have our property values decreased any more than necessary?  Clearly, we can have sidewalks that improve the safety of pedestrians, tying into the already-existing sidewalks on Regency and Fire Tower without the destruction of berms and the wall.

Moreever, there are no bike lanes on Regency. There are no bike lanes on Fire Tower. Both of those road projects were done fairly recently. If bike lanes are so important, why weren't they included in those projects? Where will these proposed bike lanes lead?

This is not an " impossible" task that is being asked of NCDOT by Councilmembers McLean Godley and P.J. Connelly. Our representatives are simply asking for a reasonable, common-sense solution, and more than one design alternative.

Mary Snow Hill