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No measurable objective


Friday, May 19, 2017

Everyone seems to know what's wrong, or right, with the Greenville school uniform policy.

Few issues generate more home-grown 'experts' with widely varying and opposing opinions ... as recently reported from the discussion meetings in Greenville.

Similarly, the researchers fared about the same. No one is wrong, or right. So when the experts can't agree, we can have a free-for-all. And if you have a detached perspective, you simply smile at the gyrations and ensuing nonsense.

Research explains that few families save money on uniforms. Student academic performance doesn't change. Impact on student behavior and violence remains obscure, along with other facets of alleged benefit.

Sadly, the research has frustrated our attempts at understanding or clarifying this issue by reporting little of defensible results or conclusions, leaving us to decide our own fate.

Can we please rewind to the beginning? What was our objective here? Can we pretend we actually stated some purported goal or objective? Possibly we'd then have a hint of some metric to assess and evaluate our efforts, aside from your opinion versus my opinion.

Wouldn't we all just welcome some intelligent thinking before launching into the pit of morass known as "we all know that ..." Wishful thinking (and those self-serving opinions) wins the booby prize. Simply restated: we need a measurable objective and a plan to achieve it. I know that's asking a lot.

Apparently, I also fail to grasp the rigors of politics, which seems more about assuaging the voters than about meaningful programs with real results.

Welcome to Greenville, N.C. ... and a few thousand other burgs ... led by ignorant, egotistical politicians. Ugh. We should demand better, and express it more articulately (with a little help from our friends at the Daily Reflector).


Washington, N.C.