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President tweets the truth


Monday, July 17, 2017

A cartoon in The Daily Reflector on July 8 depicted President Donald Trump shouting “Fake News” at CNN and CNN shouting back “Fake president!”

Sitting on the couch with Diana, my wife, I couldn’t help but tell her, “You know, Di, most folks that voted for Trump tell me he is honest and the Democrats can’t stand it.”

Di agreed and said, “Even when he tweets or gives his opinion on what he thinks about CNN and Obama he at least is telling exactly what is on his mind!”

“As a matter of fact, Di,” I said, “I can’t think of anyone including myself who will do just that! I can’t remember all the times I lied or didn’t say a thing when I actually knew the truth and yet at times I cringe at Trump’s tweets. What gets me is telling the truth by a president or any politician or public figure for that matter is so unusual that we have come to believe just the opposite most of the time and that they are probably lying!”

In medicine for 50 years ,folks, I can assure you people hold back even when it’s real serious like cancer and diabetes, for example, and I ask them their family history - their DNA so to speak – and they hold back various information they don’t want to disclose.

So folks, in my book it’s kind of nice to have someone blurt out the truth even if it happens to be the president of the United States!