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Assault weapons ban makes sense


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Military weapons should be for the military." This is what on old veteran told me the other day when we spoke of the Texas church massacre.

Makes sense to me. Nobody needs an AR-15 for hunting or self-defense. They are good for slaughtering people quickly and in large numbers.

Assault rifles and high-capacity magazines should be restricted for military use. They should not be available to the general public. This in no way infringes upon the Constitution. The Second Amendment gives us the right to own a gun (shotgun, rifle or pistol), it does not give us the right to own weapons of mass destruction like bombs or vials of anthrax, and it can no longer allow automatic or semi-automatic weapons.

The dangers posed by those who snap is just too great, as we've sadly seen over and over again. Sure, there will always be murders, but there doesn't have to be massacres.

There will always be deranged and evil people (no amount of praying will change that), but no one should be able to inflict mass carnage by simply holding down their finger.

Even Ronald Reagan supported an assault weapons ban. It's just common sense.

RL McGee