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Torture ineffective, unjust


Thursday, December 7, 2017

The effects of the CIA’s secret rendition program are not over nor forgotten. Recently in Raleigh, North Carolina’s Commission of Inquiry on Torture held a public hearing. During the hearing, it came to my attention that many people may not know the torture program existed. Others believe the secret torture program was justified in post 9/11 politics.

People may not know that the United States is held under the binding force of several international treaties that ban torture, and that these treaties do have jurisdiction over not only the United States as a whole but also individual states. This being said, it should come to the public’s attention that a North Carolina company was apart of aiding the torture program.

This company was contracted by the CIA to use its planes to transport alleged terrorists to the secret prisons around the world. These ‘alleged terrorists’ were not all terrorists, and some who were kidnapped were later found out to be cases of mistaken identity. Alleged terrorist or not, this goes against a founding principle of the U.S. judicial system, innocent until proven guilty.

These men who were wrongly captured and tortured did not have a day in court. They were picked up, sent to unknown locations, tortured for information they did not have, held for months to years, then released only to have to find their own way back to their homes and families.

The people and companies who willingly helped this program should be brought to justice. They violated torture treaties, basic human rights, and participated in an act that serves no purpose.

It has been proven that torturing individuals produces nothing but false information. The U.S. needs to show the international community that we are not immune to international law and justice.

Merida Mathis