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The sky is not falling


Monday, January 1, 2018

To all of you who think the sky is falling because of the new tax reform, please educate yourselves before showing your ignorance.

First, if the reform was against the middle class and for the rich, how come thousands of people are lining up to pay their 2018 state property, local and income taxes ahead of time before the end of this year that are in excess of the new $10,000 per year limit?

I don’t know about you, but we fall short of that by quite a bit and I think of ourselves as living a modest life in a nice home and decent professions. I would put those paying over the $10,000 limit as being above the middle class, or as some would say, rich. So much for the rich not paying their fair share.

Then we have those that say the new tax reform has taken away some of their Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security benefits. This is totally untrue. Our congressmen are currently looking at cost savings in 2018 by examining the waste in these programs.

Medicare and Social Security are supposed to be set up for people who retire. Medicaid is supposed to be set up for people in great need. These programs are not supposed to be used as personal piggy banks to hand out cell phones, EBT cards, drug addict rehabilitation, etc.

The waste I’m referring to are able-bodied people with no dependents who are collecting from these programs with no end in sight. It’s about time these programs come under scrutiny. Otherwise, those of us who work and pay into the system will be left in the cold when our time comes to retire.

And by the way, when was the last time the Democrats gave us working people tax reform?

Steve Holt



Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


September 22, 2018

On Sept. 13, someone wrote in Bless Your Heart that 8 million Jehovah's Witnesses don't salute the flag and 200,000 Amish do not stand for the national anthem, yet one black man kneels respectfully and all hell breaks loose.

I blame the media. They are the ones who showed the black man…

September 22, 2018

Many articles over the past year have shocked me to my core. One issue, however, is by far the most impactful. In August, over 300 priests were accused of adolescent sexual abuse by more than 1,000 victims throughout Pennsylvania. The astonishing number of cases is a concern that needs to be…

September 21, 2018

The citizens of Grifton have continued since Hurricane Floyd to go without power for several days after a hurricane due to Duke Energy not addressing the issue with its substation on Harvey Rouse Road.

This substation floods every time a storm hits our area because of an canal running beside the…

September 20, 2018

September is being used to bring awareness to students’ attendance in Pitt County. However, a simple policy change to “incentivize attendance” is not going to fix the attendance issue.

Being a graduate from South Central High School with a none-too-inspiring attendance record…

September 20, 2018

On Monday Sept. 10, on the front page of The Daily Reflector, there is a large picture taken at the Pitt County Courthouse of many people singing praise songs during the Cover Our Children event.

Right beside it is another picture taken at the Town Common announcing a meeting being held to vote on…

September 18, 2018

As "The Big Bang Theory" CBS juggernaut rolls into a record 12th season on Sept. 24th, most of the gang exploring mysteries of the universe have gone vegan, opting for plant-based eating. Leading actress Kaley Cuoco (Penny) also campaigns against Canadian slaughter of baby seals. Mayim Bialik (Amy)…

September 18, 2018

Florence has kept us off the roads and out of traffic, leaving me to think about the type of driving that is becoming commonplace in Pitt County.

Let me be specific and let each of us decide if these characteristics describe our driving style. If so, then be prepared to be targeted and ticketed by…

September 16, 2018

I was out of state when Sen. John McCain passed away and I just wanted to thank him for being the true American who served his country beyond the call of duty.

I was part of the maintenance crew from Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California, that prepared the C-141 cargo airplanes that…

September 16, 2018

During the summer, while seated in a local eatery waiting to order a bagel, I encountered a stranger who placed my order (gratis).  With my permission, we chatted briefly and shared a few commonalities (one of which was arthritis). As we seperated, I expressed appreciation and left feeling…

September 14, 2018

For someone to support this president after everything he has said and done must require a boatload of cognitive dissonance and is truly a Faustian bargain.

What if it was your sister whose (expletive deleted) he grabbed and bragged about it? What if Obama said that? If you wouldn't give him the…

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