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The sky is not falling


Monday, January 1, 2018

To all of you who think the sky is falling because of the new tax reform, please educate yourselves before showing your ignorance.

First, if the reform was against the middle class and for the rich, how come thousands of people are lining up to pay their 2018 state property, local and income taxes ahead of time before the end of this year that are in excess of the new $10,000 per year limit?

I don’t know about you, but we fall short of that by quite a bit and I think of ourselves as living a modest life in a nice home and decent professions. I would put those paying over the $10,000 limit as being above the middle class, or as some would say, rich. So much for the rich not paying their fair share.

Then we have those that say the new tax reform has taken away some of their Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security benefits. This is totally untrue. Our congressmen are currently looking at cost savings in 2018 by examining the waste in these programs.

Medicare and Social Security are supposed to be set up for people who retire. Medicaid is supposed to be set up for people in great need. These programs are not supposed to be used as personal piggy banks to hand out cell phones, EBT cards, drug addict rehabilitation, etc.

The waste I’m referring to are able-bodied people with no dependents who are collecting from these programs with no end in sight. It’s about time these programs come under scrutiny. Otherwise, those of us who work and pay into the system will be left in the cold when our time comes to retire.

And by the way, when was the last time the Democrats gave us working people tax reform?

Steve Holt