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Finding a connection


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Our granddaughters are encouraged to make connections. An everyday goal for them is to observe how one thing falls into place with another. Their first step is to observe, then look for a point of intersection. Some connections celebrate happiness or well-being, others don’t.

It is the later type that I am dwelling on. Nothing on the world stage is more frightening than two heads of state colliding over the size of their nuclear buttons. Since these leaders are holding a ticking bomb over our heads, we must wonder what their urges are connected to?

The motivation of an ego-driven leader of a failed state might be to protect, not his nation, but his self-designed destiny. That somehow keeping his thumb on the nuclear button is his answer to “mirror, mirror.” Tattered and frail egos can be that hungry, that foolish, but almost none are that powerful.

But what could be the incendiary urge of a leader of a succeeding democracy? What could cause him to rattle a saber at the most dangerous man on the planet? Then simultaneously shrink from diplomacy, sanctions and turning down the heat? What is his motivating connection?

Are there two fast moving trains on parallel tracks? Is one a powerful investigation into integrity, family and money and the other the verbose taunting of annihilation? Is there a point of intersection where the thoroughness of the investigation drives the frequency of the nuclear taunts? Is there a design to control the investigation by amping up the threat? If a world of power is challenged, then must our world suffer equal measure?

Like our granddaughters, we are all free to make our own connections and draw our own conclusions. The answer is not in the stars, but on our most fragile planet and in the days of our lives.

Allison Stuart