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Bring Walter Jones home


Friday, January 26, 2018

I have known Walter Jones Jr. most all his life; he is one of the kindest persons I ever met.

When he was in Raleigh, I was on his inner circle and supported him without even a thought not to.

When he switched to the GOP I followed him because I trusted him and believed in him.

He has gone from a Democrat to a RINO Republican; he has followed in the foot steps of John McCain and done everything he could to be a stumbling block for our president.

To be the person he has been and be the person he is now makes me sick.

He voted against the tax cut and voted to shut down our government.

President Trump was voted to office by the people of North Carolina and it is not up to Walter to do any different. How could he vote against a tax cut when he has never held a job.

His father was my friend and served the people of eastern North Carolina with honor.

If you want to know what’s wrong with Washington, its people like Walter Jones, who put the knife in the backs of the leaders that are trying to make things better.

But its like the blind hog that finds a feeding pail when election time comes, they vote him back in so he can make his $174,000 and vote to hurt the people that are just getting by.

Lets make North Carolina great again. Bring Walter home.

William G. Coley



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