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Fake news takes many forms


Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Jan. 18 epistle by Eric Wemple on the folly of Mr. Trump and fellow Republicans crying wolf with their erroneous claims of fake news, unfortunately, was laced with your own fake facts.

Lets credit one correct statement you made: The howling over fake news rings hollow when the story is factually correct. What you repeatedly skirt is the misleading descriptions in these factually correct stories.

A TV station's evening news reported that a minivan drove into the path of a police cruiser at an intersection, sending the officer to the hospital with serious injuries. Said officer was responding to a call at the time.

The following day a newspaper reported the same incident somewhat differently. The second report added: the minivan driver was legally proceeding through the green light when the police cruiser, without emergency lights or siren, ran the red light, broadsiding the minivan.

Both stories are factually correct, but only one tells the true story. The first tells a lie of omission. Maybe this “lie" was unintentional but in any case, it was fake news.

I contend that our precious media daily do exactly the same thing, intentionally. As ironic was the companion article on the same page as Wemple's fake diatribe, an equally convoluted attempt to skewer President Trump for destroying the cherished "Obama" health care debacle.

This Washington Post article twisted and madly combined unrelated facts in a disjointed slam of Trump, actually stating that the removal of the mandate did not create a drop in participation but was a Republican ruse — more fake news which used fake facts as well.

Fake is more about intentionally creating misleading conclusions than about wrong facts. And it's still a "lie" Mr. Wemple. But I'm sure your fans love your own twisted version of fake news.

John Long



Humans of Greenville


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I was out of state when Sen. John McCain passed away and I just wanted to thank him for being the true American who served his country beyond the call of duty.

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For someone to support this president after everything he has said and done must require a boatload of cognitive dissonance and is truly a Faustian bargain.

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September 13, 2018

Inspiration comes from the oddest places sometimes.

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Why does Trump show respect to Sen. John McCain only after he dies? We all remember what Trump said about McCain: I only like people who are not captured. McCain was a Navy pilot who was shot down and was a POW for over five years.

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