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Crying racism desctructive


Saturday, February 10, 2018

I spent over four years in Baltimore, Md., six in Los Angeles and about three years in New York City in addition to practicing medicine in the rural South for 50 years.

Never in any country newspapers have I read editorial pages that were more biased against any politician as are the big city newspapers against president Trump. The fact is this president won all the people outside the big cities in America. Actually, of the roughly 600 counties in America, Trump won all but 57.

Nevertheless, just about every editorial and cartoon in the big city newspapers concerning president Trump suggest that he is either ignorant, a racist or a bigot.

These attacks have not let up in spite of his accomplishments. In fact they have only gotten worse as this president endeavors to fulfill his promises to all Americans, rich or poor, black or white.

Ladies and gentlemen for the overwhelming majority of Americans, racism has legally and socially come to a standstill, and consequently America is a much stronger nation. We can no longer judge people by their skin color. It is common sense and proven scientifically. Furthermore every nation out of necessity has strict immigration laws.

However, if Democratic politicians and the press in our big cities continue to promote racism and the violence it engenders in order to get themselves elected or sell newspapers then all our cities are destined to become overrun with crime, drugs and poverty just as are the cities of California, which is rapidly becoming a ghost state.

Robert Piat