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Something odd about EMS


Monday, March 5, 2018

After reading the story about Grifton EMS requiring a man be transported to the hospital in Kinston instead of Greenville, I wonder why it was reported his family was told state law required it. I know laws are made, but I never heard of this one.

I am an old man and live in Grifton. All my doctors are in Greenville, and if I have to go to Kinston they would have to start anew on my health status, and if I or one of my family ask for me to be taken to Greenville, why would that request not be honored?

About a week after the transport I would receive a bill from the Grifton EMS for the trip, and once a year they come knocking on my door for a donation.

In larger cities, if you call a cab, he will take you anywhere you want to go if you pay him, and if we have to pay EMS for a transport, why not take us where we want to go?

Are the EMS transporters being paid to take people in need to certain places, or is there a state law that say’s that you must take them here or there.

I worked with the EMS in Grifton in the 1960s and ’70s and we transported those in need where they requested. I am not in anyway saying that they are not doing a great job for our town, and thank them for it, but if they aren’t going to take a person in need where they want to go, why do they charge them for the trip?

In the past, care came first, now it seems laws and money are all that means anything to the EMS.

Gene Coley