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Morality starts at home


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Born in Greenville in 1959 I grew up through most of the ’60s watching black and white TV on three channels. At some point I am able to recall there being an event on weeknight television that was as big as championship sports.

Whenever this came on our family gathered together and watched the Billy Graham Crusade on network TV. I don’t know what the ratings where back then or if they tracked ratings in those days. The late ’60s into the ’70s were different times, at least in eastern North Carolina.

If there were a new television evangelist with the following that Billy Graham humbly reached, which network would broadcast it. Would ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC broadcast it? Probably not.

Religion, morals, family values and decency have been replaced in mainstream television by Reality TV, about as far from reality for the average American as it can be, and drama’s laced with sex, violence and vulgarity are among the programming offered by the mainstream. Movies made by major studios are built around sex, violence and vulgarity. Thankfully there are a few offerings that show true creative and moral appeal.

As I consider events of the past several years, I wonder what happened to our values and morals. Has violence on TV, in movies and video games de-sensitized us? The traditional family structure is seemingly a thing of the past. How much is a child impacted when he or she is raised by only one parent?

No matter when they were born and whether through a religious environment or not, children still must be taught honesty, integrity, respect, decency and responsibility. It starts with parents but also needs the involvement of family, churches, schools, friends and neighbors to instill these values.

David French