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Churches are not MIA


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This is in response to Gregory Hemby’s claim in his letter published May 11: not all churches are missing in action.

Our church hosted an outdoor vacation Bible school on May 5 at the South Greenville Recreation Center open to the community. We walked the neighborhood inviting people, we had games and lunches and drinks and our purpose was to demonstrate that no matter who we are we are made in the "image of God" and he has a plan for our lives.

We also will be hosting God's closet, which is an outreach to help people in need provide school and play clothes for their children. We hold free health fairs, we donate to the food bank and sponsored a program for over two years that took groceries that were brought in every week to seniors all over Pitt County who had a desperate need. We collect items for the homeless that hopefully would make a night on the streets easier.

I also would like to mention the incredible outreach programs by Grace Church on Charles Boulevard. Their Trunk or Treat was not just a candy giveaway, they shared five incredibly well done Bible stories for children and opened the event to the public. I would guess they had over 500 children attend.

Koinonia Christian Center also has many programs throughout the year that reach out to people. It just hosted a free over-the-counter medication give away.

I can't name all the outreaches I hear about or read in the paper, but never doubt we are out and about sharing God's love.

Rendy Bertrand




Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


November 13, 2018

This letter is in response to the letter titled “Unjustly defaming Dixon again” by Willie Roberts that appeared in the Wednesday, Oct. 31 edition.

Roberts stated that “White women have historically been used, wittingly or unwittingly, to destroy black men’s lives. Their…

November 12, 2018

What’s with you, Vic Corey? One second you are crowing how Trump is the reason for you being richer, the next you are, as always, worshipping your idea of a “new Christian.”

First, the U.S. is not a business; it is a country. Trump’s planned bankruptcies, his finding ways…

November 11, 2018

Is it any wonder that the attendance is dropping in the NFL when you can only pay the head man, Roger Godell, $40 million a year and have as many as five commentators sitting around a table in their $500-plus suits as they blurt out that which you and I are looking at? Not to mention another two…

November 11, 2018

With regard to the letter to the editor from David French concerning illegal immigration, I would respectfully ask Mr. French to do more research before citing any more misinformation. According to the Cato Institute and other sources, “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration” (2017)…

November 11, 2018

With mid-terms behind us, the next Greenville election is for 2019 mayor and City Council. For six months following the 2017 election, I made no public statements and granted no interviews, preferring instead to observe actions of the new mayor and council.

Folk ask if I’ll run and perhaps…

November 10, 2018

Most of the mainstream media and the Democratic party leadership continually, and erroneously, declare President Trump as evil, racist and a hater of anything and everything the Democratic party stands for.

I suppose his economic policies that have benefited African Americans, Hispanics and others…

November 09, 2018

Henry Kissinger had much to say about our President Trump. “Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen before.” Yes, President Trump is much different from our previous president that was willing to bow to other world leaders.

Trump’s presence was…

November 08, 2018

When the powers of division and hate emerge in the land, it is people of “good will” who do the hard work of reconciliation and community building. As a response to 9/11, a dedicated group of people began to gather each month to pray for peace and justice.

The thing that distinguishes…

November 08, 2018

A "legal" immigrant is defined as someone who comes to a country from their country of origin through the legal processes in place. An illegal alien is someone unlawfully residing in the United States, whether by clandestine border crossing, visa deadline violation, or other means. A…

November 07, 2018

Once again, the Greenville City Council has failed to adequately question a Greenville Police Department funding request, thereby spending taxpayer money irresponsibly. In the Oct. 18 edition of The Daily Reflector, it was reported that the Greenville City Council unanimously approved a three-year,…

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