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County zoning decision smelled


Friday, May 18, 2018

Any honest, fair-minded, law-abiding citizen who attended the April 23 Pitt County Board of Commissioners meeting that considered a re-zoning request by Bill Clark Homes has to have anger still punching his/her gut along with frustration.

An overflow crowd of thoughtful citizens of Moss Bend, Holly Ridge, Beech Cove and other surroundings had among them many who had researched various concerns and presented common-sense facts/reasons why the zoning change should not be allowed.

The smell was strong enough for me to picture that some commissioners might be interested in helping an individual get more wealthy than they were about helping many hundred citizens who had presented common-sense and factual reasons against the zoning change.

Jimmy Garris moved and hinted he was against re-zoning, but it was a wall that he constructed to hide behind. He made sure his wall was a straw wall so he could burn it down, which he did after a long rant at homeowners like they were children. Beth Ward appeared to me to be in lock-step.

Again, one commissioner said to the “children” you'll be better off with us than the city because they will annex in the future, meaning we will treat you better? As an excuse, a commissioner or two spouted about an added tax base that was needed as a reason to pass the request. I wonder how many who attended that meeting feel proud to live in Pitt County?

It was made clear that the voting would be at the May 21 meeting, but was rushed ahead to the morning of May 7.

People might wonder why Jimmy Garris, Beth Ward and a few other commissioners were in such a hurry to help Bill Clark, rather than the majority of the citizens? I wonder.

Dewey Funkhouser



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