A friend asked me why my ECU transferred $20 million to athletics. I told him if I understood that I would be either a...

Trump the deplorables' caltrops


Friday, June 1, 2018

For over 400 years, from the first steps of America’s European ancestors in 1587, to the strides of science and technology since the Industrial Revolution begun in Europe from 1760 to between 1820 and 1840 through the turn of 20th-century America, the United States has been resting on a Judeo-Christian foundation which now appears to be disassembling.

America was established on the principles and precepts of the Bible, for the most part, for four centuries. Now science and technology have evolved meteorically, in about one fourth that time, and the values of America’s past are flailing or failing to keep pace, vis-à-vis cloning, abortion, stem cell research and euthanasia or assisted suicide.

We, as citizens of a democracy in its generic sense: “of the people,” have grown vague, fuzzy on moral issues. Social issues questioning the meaning of family, one’s sexual identification, political correctness are flying in the face of what was the solid foundation of America’s earliest beginnings, chipping at what was once its firm footing.

In 40 years, the acronym WASP will be archaic. No one will remember it stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, which was the dominant complexion of this country for those first four hundred years. Minorities — other religions, ethnicities and races — will collectively comprise more than 59 percent of the demographics, making the erstwhile majority the minority.

The frustration arising from all this religious, social, moral turmoil festered to a head with the 2016 Presidential election. The incumbent majority of this country intuitively sensed radical changes over the last 73 years since the end of World War II and identified the cause: progressive, secular humanism touted by the elitists and anthropomorphized as the Democratic Party.

President Donald Trump appears to the “deplorables” as the caltrops which are going to nail the runaway ideologues and deflate their toxic pomposity.

John R. Cleary

Winterville, NC


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


December 13, 2018

The Orange County Register got it right, and thank you Daily Reflector for including it in your Other Voices column.

“For too long, Congress has abdicated its constitutional obligations with respect to war powers.” Did you know the U.S. military is currently deployed and combat ready in…

December 13, 2018

My sincere thanks to the George H.W. Bush family for giving us all a chance to remember what America is all about. 

The patriatism, the integrity and the honesty was a refreshing reminder of what I value in my country. The kind, respectful and humorous words were a pleasure to hear.  


December 12, 2018

Maybe I or the Reflector got this wrong: $20 million assigned for athletic deficit and facilities; $10 million of that from a $95 million ECU Physicians accrued fund balance. It is to be spent because attendance is down at athletic events and the athletes need a special place to eat. I hope I or…

December 08, 2018

Donald Bryson, Civitas Institute president, has it all wrong in his “Stop the government takeover of health care,” piece in The Daily Reflector on Nov. 29. Most of the world’s industrial countries whose health care systems are government run have healthier populations than the U.S.…

December 07, 2018

In this season of hope, love and renewal, someone representing us, America The Beautiful, tear-gassed a pregnant woman and her children at our border. Others were gassed too.

From the perspective of the agent, there might have been a provocation for the gassing. Perhaps he perceived a threat,…

December 06, 2018

Pipelines are far and away the safest way to move energy, far safer than alternative means. And the state could receive more than $2.5 billion in tax revenues from offshore leasing, per a recent analysis, in turn helping families.

Yet those who decry energy or cheer when a pipeline permit is…

December 05, 2018

Reasonable people differ. I learned the truth of this back in the day when I was a student at the finest law school in all of Washtenaw County. The late renowned Whitmore Gray taught it to us in our Contracts course. He also taught us to never indulge in ad hominem commentary pertaining to folks…

December 04, 2018

America has 23,648 military personnel in the proximity of the demilitarized zone in Korea. Why?

North Korea has not crashed our southern border. North Koreans are not throwing rocks and bottles at our border agents, many who are hispanic. They are not overwhelming our schools, hospitals and social…

December 03, 2018

I have been wanting to write this letter for some time. Just about every doctor in rural America that I have known practices psychiatry to some extent with their patients every day.

Unfortunately the only way to determine with any certainty that a patient is truly psychotic and therefore a danger…

November 30, 2018

In a recent letter, James H. Dautremont (Public Forum, Nov. 21) makes two outrageous claims: Israel is the reason the U.S. chooses to ignore Saudi government complicity in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and the current wave of antisemitism in our country is a response to a misalignment of…

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