I was afraid of this and last week on White Wednesday in what is now Redville it was confirmed. Some women are actually...

ECU should promote biking


Sunday, August 12, 2018

The “ECU Parking Woes” article in The Daily Reflector on Aug. 7 needs a response.

Everyone who either attends classes or is employed at the ECU main campus is well aware of the dire parking problem. The university has reacted to this dilemma by building parking garages (at very expensive costs per vehicle accommodated) and supplementing their mass transit system. This brings to mind the overweight gentleman who kept buying larger and larger sized slacks to “solve” his weight problem. Not really!

Defining the problem, there are more and more cars on the ECU campus. A basic solution is to reduce the number of cars. ECU trustees should “think outside the box” to come up with an answer. One possibility would be to encourage students to bring and use bikes on campus by using a financial bonus if they do. And, discourage students with a monetary fee for the privilege of bringing a car to use on campus.

I reside in Greenville and bike frequently through the main ECU campus. On those trips I see many walking students, very few biking students, mass transit ECU buses, and cars everywhere — on streets and in parking areas. On other campuses I am familiar with (Stanford in Palo Alto, California, University of Wisconsin in Madison) I see many, many bikers and very few cars. ECU appears to be behind the trend.

Biking is an eco-friendly activity reducing our carbon footprint. Biking promotes physical health. Bikes take up very little space compared to behemoth cars. By enacting some type of fee/bonus program to encourage biking, ECU will join the ranks of being a “green” university.

Roger J. Olson



Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


July 23, 2019

On July 17, President Trump visited our fair city. He arrived days after tweeting that four Democratic congresswomen of color should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

We have seen this racist trope often throughout our history.…

July 23, 2019

How many racist statements must this president issue before the weight of his words and actions drag him beneath the waters of that “swamp” he so fervidly pledged to drain? And what will be the proverbial “straw” that finally breaks the back of affirmative silence that…

July 23, 2019

I was born and raised in North Carolina and left the state as a young woman. The state is beautiful with its mountains and coast, but recently the beauty was marred by its citizens at the recent presidential rally. As citizens we have the right to vote for the candidate of our choice, the right to…

July 23, 2019

Hate has certainly had a good week. It began with four American members of Congress having their citizenship questioned and told to “go back to where they came from” because of their criticism of U.S. policy and it went downhill from there.

At a Trump rally in North Carolina,…

July 23, 2019

On Sept. 23, 1957, Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus used the National Guard to block black student enrollment in white segregated schools. Approximately, 1,900 whites showed up at the school the morning the "Little Rock Nine" showed up for school.

The whites chanted "go back to Africa."

July 17, 2019, in…

July 23, 2019

The Pitt County Branch of the NAACP stands against the language of hate and bigotry that left a devastating mark on our community. We live in times when we should be able to look to our nation’s capital for messages of unity and hope.

We respect the office of the presidency as an American…

July 22, 2019

Tonight is a time to try my soul. I turned on my television around 9 p.m. and was ashamed of my fellow citizens of Pitt County. I heard “send her back” chanted by those citizens. I heard the sounds of hostility in those voices I never believed I could hear from people I might know. I…

July 22, 2019

The Trump-instigated chant (“Send Her Back”) didn't surprise me, but I am not one who believes this is Greenville's culture. Greenville citizens have always been cordial to me, even the ones who hate my guts.

Trump was proud of himself as he fired up his brain-dead fans and approved the…

July 22, 2019

In a childhood song, all that the bear that went over the mountain got to see was another mountain. It was my introduction to the sameness of life’s patterns. The steady ticking of the clock, the endless drumbeat of the mundane, and sometimes, the horror that never stops.

This is also true…

July 22, 2019

David Ransom enlisted in the Continental Army believing in the enlightened concepts of democracy espoused by brilliant men and women in Europe and the colonies. There would be justice through an independent judiciary and a representative legislature that could prevent the recurrence of tyranny.…

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