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The people elected Trump


Sunday, February 17, 2019

I read with interest Ralph Tyson’s letter (Republicanism betrays the people, Feb. 7). He stresses “We the People.” Correct, and we the people elected Donald Trump — get over it!

He goes on to say Republicans are not constitutionalists — why don’t you name the violation? I hear Democrats call President Trump a liar — if you are going to accuse someone, name the offense.

Speaking of lying, have you ever heard of Benghazi, the biggest told by a president, who along with his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, vowed the killers would be brought to justice. The end.

Democrats have only one agenda: impeach Trump. They have no policy for the good of the people. They can’t argue economy, because it is better than ever. Look at their policy: abortions and socialism.

Mr. Tyson, look at the KKK, born in the South years ago when Democrats were in the majority — and you accuse Republicans of racism?

And by the way, what president freed the slaves? A Republican. If you have accusations, name them, so we can debate — nobody is perfect, not even you. To be continued.

M.C. Baldree



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When my husband and I go to the theater, we usually get front and center seats. We have also enjoyed living our lives, where ever we have been, in that same location. It’s our choice and the privilege of the young. If you work hard, aim high, and fit right in, you get the good seats.


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Look up the word 'socialism.' According to my Webster's it means: "social system based on shared or government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods."

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