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Community delivers exceptional care


Monday, March 25, 2019

Experiencing your first broken bones and surgery at 70-plus years of age is a bit traumatic.

However, living in a community of caring friends and having exceptional medical facilities and professionals makes the journey much easier.

My anxiety and concerns were addressed along the entire path of care, from Dr. Carole Moore at Vidant’s MedDirect, to Drs. Nicole Toney and Travis Potter at the main emergency department, to Orthopedics East, to Vidant’s Surgicenter, with kindness, compassion, professionalism and reassurance by all.

To Dr. Holderman, my anesthesiologist, your kindness and thorough explanation of your procedure relieved my anxiety prior to the surgery. To my surgeon, Dr. Duke, you reassured my faith in surgeons the minute you came into the prep room, with a simple touch on my arm and a confidence that spoke for itself. To Cody Sawyer, Dr. Duke’s physician assistant, and the entire staff at Orthopedics East, you have made the healing experience a lot easier than I anticipated.

In addition to the superior health care, I had outpouring support from friends who stayed with me until my wife arrived from the west coast, provided meals, equipment and books. Through the community mission program at Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church, a handicap ramp was installed by the Shepherd’s Helpers. All of these expressions of love and concern are greatly appreciated.

I am fortunate to live in such a caring community.

Mike O’Bryant

Greenville, NC


Humans of Greenville


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April 16, 2019

As a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War, I am deeply concerned that there are people in high places who are in the process of choreographing yet another useless war for the fine young men and women of our military to go get maimed and die in for no legitimate purpose.

In particular, and mark my…

April 15, 2019

Medicaid expansion could provide affordable health care to about 9,800 Pitt County residents struggling to get by on very low incomes. Without affordable health insurance, people must make too many hard choices as they triage their bills and obligations. Which is least crucial, groceries,…

April 12, 2019

I am writing this letter in response to the March 23 letter about white supremacist attitudes that have been prevalent throughout United States history. Likewise, racism and intolerance of all marginalized minorities is not just a part of American history; it is also a part of Evangelical church…

April 11, 2019

As we approach the central holy days of the Christian calendar, I ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to advocate for peace. The U.S. House of Representatives has just passed a resolution to end our participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. This is the first time since the Vietnam war that…

April 10, 2019

I was stunned to turn on the TV just in time to see Trump say he signed a presidential proclamation saying it is now U.S. policy to acknowledge the Golan Heights as Israeli territory — Syrian land which Israel has occupied since the Six-Day War in 1967.

The land in question is 30 miles from…

April 09, 2019

The idea of foreign aid being an investment for the U.S. can be a challenging concept to understand. Why would aid be an investment? Globally, over 3 billion people are living in poverty; 95 percent of U.S. consumers live outside the U.S.

These facts become even more significant when U.S. foreign…

April 08, 2019

Calvin Mercer’s ideas published in his newsletter about a new process for finding and recruiting a chancellor for ECU resonated w/me.

I retired as associate professor from ECU after 27 years as tenured/tenure track faculty who served on more than a dozen search committees,…

April 08, 2019

There is an ongoing battle in the North Carolina legislature over whether to criminalize female genital mutilation. Why a battle? The mutilation of girls’ genitals defies all standards of humanity and cries out as a hideous violation of human rights according to the United Nations and World…

April 07, 2019

I was delighted to see the comments by ECU Provost Ron Mitchelson in his “First Monday” publication recently distributed to university officials and other stakeholders. His letter praised the partnership between the City of Greenville and ECU and its importance in growing the university…

April 06, 2019

Last week, Beaufort County District Attorney Seth Edwards refused to bring charges against a Washington, N.C., police officer who killed Cedrick Pritchard by shooting him twice in the back while he was running away on Oct. 29, 2018.

Every time a family and their community grieve the loss of a loved…

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