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Community delivers exceptional care


Monday, March 25, 2019

Experiencing your first broken bones and surgery at 70-plus years of age is a bit traumatic.

However, living in a community of caring friends and having exceptional medical facilities and professionals makes the journey much easier.

My anxiety and concerns were addressed along the entire path of care, from Dr. Carole Moore at Vidant’s MedDirect, to Drs. Nicole Toney and Travis Potter at the main emergency department, to Orthopedics East, to Vidant’s Surgicenter, with kindness, compassion, professionalism and reassurance by all.

To Dr. Holderman, my anesthesiologist, your kindness and thorough explanation of your procedure relieved my anxiety prior to the surgery. To my surgeon, Dr. Duke, you reassured my faith in surgeons the minute you came into the prep room, with a simple touch on my arm and a confidence that spoke for itself. To Cody Sawyer, Dr. Duke’s physician assistant, and the entire staff at Orthopedics East, you have made the healing experience a lot easier than I anticipated.

In addition to the superior health care, I had outpouring support from friends who stayed with me until my wife arrived from the west coast, provided meals, equipment and books. Through the community mission program at Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church, a handicap ramp was installed by the Shepherd’s Helpers. All of these expressions of love and concern are greatly appreciated.

I am fortunate to live in such a caring community.

Mike O’Bryant

Greenville, NC


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


June 16, 2019

Recent flash flooding of downtown vehicles and businesses is, unfortunately, not the first nor last flooding threat to our safety, quality of life and economic development. Fortunately, downtown flooding threats will be alleviated by the massive Town Creek Culvert Project now underway and put in…

June 16, 2019

I believe, in general, Republican legislators in the state and federal government don't give a darn about the well being of the people. They have recently reduced the regulations on air and water quality, saying that they are too restrictive, and that reducing them is “good enough.”…

June 15, 2019

The anti-God, anti-American Democrat party is presently working to get back into national power by any means necessary.

Democrats have always been the party of slavery and now they coddle the communist, socialist, Marxist and the Muslims. Put all of the above groups together and you have a force…

June 14, 2019

In regard to the deceptively and antagonistically titled letter, “Image of GPD defies reality” (Public Forum, June 9), I offer the following:

There are many definitions and uses for the word “piece.” In music, literature, art, drama, dinnerware, pottery, games and a whole…

June 12, 2019

When I was pregnant with my youngest son, Elias, I was told at 16 weeks that if I continued my pregnancy, I was risking my own death and leaving my sons and husband without me. “If it comes down to it,” my care team asked, “Do you want us to save you or your unborn child?…

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Good health is a requirement for all of us. When someone is sick, they can’t work, learn or be a fully engaged in the community.

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June 02, 2019

What is that old saying? Turnabout is fair play? I also like that saying about karma, and what you sow that also shall you reap. Before this is over, Republicans will wish Hillary was elected so they could have done to her what they are about to go through.

They are locked into an untenable…

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“My body My choice” is the rally cry for pro-abortion supporters. However, it is not a woman’s body that will be killed during an abortion, it is the small defenseless babies’ who I would bet wished they had the right to demand “my body, my choice.”


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