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Plan changes are short sighted


Thursday, March 28, 2019

I read with interest and concern the column by Peter Robie, a member of the State Health Plan Board of Trustees, in the Daily Reflector on March 24 dealing with proposed rates cuts to the State Health Plan. While true that the cost of health care has continued to rise, the solution proposed by the state treasurer will not affect the underlying drivers of cost. Simply cutting the reimbursement to physicians and hospitals is a short-sighted mechanism which will limit access to care, force state employees to drive farther for care and limit the choices for our state employees.

Dr. Robie states that we don’t have the luxury to try “untested cost saving measures.” I respectfully disagree. Over several years, physicians have demonstrated their ability to control costs through value based arrangements and care management. The physicians with whom I work and the nearly 12,000 members I represent as president of the North Carolina Medical Society have proposed several tested solutions to the state treasurer. He has been unwilling to consider alternatives that have been successful in health insurance plans in both North Carolina and across the nation.

From my unique perspective as both a physician who cares for state employees in my practice and a state employee who is covered by the state health plan, I am confident that the proposed changes will negatively impact all state employees, particularly those of us in eastern North Carolina. A proposal in the legislature, House Bill 184, calls for study and developing more deliberate, sustainable solutions to improve the health of and contain costs for state employees. I encourage state employees to contact their legislators to support this bill.

Timothy Reeder, MD, MPH


The author is president of the North Carolina Medical Society


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


August 18, 2019

I am writing with regard to Senate Bill 559 now pending before the state House. Public commentary has focused upon the provision that this bill will allow Duke Energy to apply for multi-year rate structures which may extend up to five years.

Under current law, energy providers such as Duke have to…

August 18, 2019

This letter is written to thank Dr. Greg Murphy for the outstanding work he has done in his relatively short tenure as a member of the state House of Representatives.

Murphy’s work has been distinguished by results and compelling by content. As the only physician in the legislature, Murphy in…

August 18, 2019

I can’t think of a statistic offered by the anti-gun lobby that is not at least misleading if not simply wrong. For example, according to CDC, the 2016 rate of firearm-related deaths in children 0-19 was 3.5 per 100,00, not 11 as a recent letter indicated. Anti-gun statistics also…

August 17, 2019

After the latest round of horrific mass murders, it is time that our local, state and national governments take real and effective steps to reduce this alarming and tragic trend. Other countries have done so effectively and there is no reason that we can not and should not.

It is not simply a…

August 17, 2019

Driving home down Elm Street is made glorious in spite of the killer heat by the hot pink crepe myrtles exploding in beauty. As I pass the Little League park, the Baptist church, Eppes Junior High and onto my beloved Forest Hill Drive (where the temperature drops 10 degrees because of the canopy of…

August 17, 2019

Before I was able to finish a letter regarding the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, another one occurred in Dayton, Ohio. I heard on the news today that more Americans have been killed in the U.S. in the past 24 hours than were killed in Afghanistan in 2017 and 2018 combined.

Mass killings have…

August 16, 2019

At President Trump’s rally for re-election in Greenville on July 17, he stepped on the toes of the “Squad.” Upon calling out Rep. Ilhan Omar, some folks at the rally started chanting “Send her back.” As I reflected on the event for which my hometown took a…

August 16, 2019

Following are points of common sense for American society.

Creatively think of ways daily to serve and encourage your fellow man.

Do not wrestle with police when being arrested or point realistic toy guns at police officers.

Do not assume the content of a stranger's character.

Never quote…

August 15, 2019

From observing the recent Democratic debates, those running for president are delusional, crazy or insane. They are all competing as to who can be the most anti-Christian, anti-American to get the votes from the socialist/communist far left in America.

Democrats had rather give away our tax money…

August 14, 2019

Why didn't The Daily Reflector’s coverage about the Board of Adjustment hearing about more fraternities/sororities on West Fifth Street mention the Theta Chi fraternity located at Albemarle and West Fifth? Since it opened two years ago, Theta Chi has been a major source of disturbance and…

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