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Vote them out before it's too late


Sunday, June 16, 2019

I believe, in general, Republican legislators in the state and federal government don't give a darn about the well being of the people. They have recently reduced the regulations on air and water quality, saying that they are too restrictive, and that reducing them is “good enough.” What they don't say is that these regulations are really protections, and should be called that.

They don't care that your children and grandchildren may suffer from asthma and other respiratory diseases because of what they're letting the big power suppliers and others spew into the air. They don't care about the water quality you and your family drink, as long as the supplying corporations can make a few extra bucks by saying “it's still safe enough.” Yeah, just like in Flint, Michigan! These extra bucks don't go into your pocket, they go into the CEO's and the corporate investors' pockets who don't care about you or your family's health.

And to all those climate change deniers, how are you going to answer your grandchildren when they ask, “Why did you let this happen?” Are you going to say, “The Republicans told us it was just a natural occurence, and I believed them — how was I supposed to know that all those scientists who warned us, were correct?”

Yes, I'm angry, and you should be too.

For all our, and our family's good, let's vote them out of office before it's too late.

Howard Tepper



Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


July 14, 2019

What does the mayor’s basement have to do with good government?

The traditional July break from meeting is a good time for the Greenville City Council to stop a bad practice—discussing the public’s business in afternoon “workshops” in a small conference room without…

July 13, 2019

“Today our divisions seem deeper than ever, maybe deeper than those that divided colonists from Britain or North from South. Red-faced anger spits at us daily.” Daily Reflector Editorial July 4, 2019.

“The framers of North Carolina’s constitution understood well that the…

July 12, 2019

Lawrence Watts, in July 4th’s Public Forum, challenged anyone to obtain and publish the "real numbers" of energy production by the Amazon Wind Farm in NC (near Elizabeth City). In 2018, according to windexchange.energy.gov, the production was more than 500,000 megawatt hours.

Watts asserted…

July 11, 2019

Regarding his letter to the Reflector on June 30, I don’t recall ever “having made [Milton Bland’s] acquaintance.” Perhaps Mr. Bland is simply too “bland” for one to remember. His comment that “ask[ed for] ... an unqualified favor ... Tinsley exudes a…

July 11, 2019

The Kiwanis Club of Golden K Greenville has completed this year’s Support of our Youth in the Pitt County Schools through distributing over 1,800 books to first-graders. This program started some 10 years ago and continues to grow.

Thanks to the Community Foundation of NC East Inc. for its…

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Privately paid assisted living facilities are a booming business and getting bigger every day. They are advertised as senior communities with attractive architecture, fun activities and amenities galore. However, once you are familiar with this type of care, you become keenly aware of how much…

July 05, 2019

All local people need to know how refugee children are being treated at our border.

"There is a stench," according to an eyewitness to detention centers housing children who were taken from their families at the border. (Caitlin Dickerson's article, NYTimes, 6/21/19). 

According to this and…

July 04, 2019

I keep seeing ads on TV with Doctors Murphy and Perry each accusing the other of being liberal.

Not to worry, neither are even close to being liberal. Neither will be the least bit concerned for the poor, the elderly, the sick, the environment or the country’s democratic principles.

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June 30, 2019

Having made acquaintance with both Tinsley Yarbrough and Vic Corey in my life, I can honestly attest to this notion.

Given that I had to choose just one as a friend, it would be Vic Corey. Tinsley is a graduate of academia; Vic a graduate of the school of hard knocks.

Ask of either an unqualified…

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