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Carryout by Chrislyn offers fresh, home-style meals

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Carryout by Chrislyn's Trio Plate consists of broccoli salad, potato salad and cranberry-pecan salad atop a bed of crisp lettuce, garnished with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Washington, N.C., is home to quaint shops, unique dining destinations and hidden treasures all close to the sparkling waters of the Pamlico River. Just a few blocks from the waterfront is a charming yellow house with a bright, white front porch and a little tree decorated with hanging kitchen utensils. Step inside the front doors and it feels like stepping inside your grandmother’s kitchen with aromas of home-cooked goodness.

You will find antique decorations, old cookbooks and trinkets from cooking’s past. Stroll to the front counter made from a 100-year-old antique door and watch the chefs cooking away in the kitchen. Carryout by Chrislyn, 128 E. Second St., provides customers with fresh home-style meals that are ready-made or made-to-order and can be taken home for dinner.

Carryout has been open for less than a year, and owners Chrislyn and Mike Wedderien have already racked up awards for food including No. 1 caterer, No. 1 sandwich and No. 3 in desserts in a recent readers’ choice poll.

Chrislyn, a dedicated cooking guru, knows her way around a kitchen and has been cooking since she was a child. Her father was a chef, so Chrislyn grew up at the feet of talented chefs while her family lived in New York. Food has always been a family affair, and her parents introduced her to cooking and trying different tastes and textures. As she grew up, so did her love for being in the kitchen. She enjoys recreating the foods we all grew up on — the warm, inviting foods that remind us of home and family dinners. Chrislyn and her chefs are cooking up inventive and tasty meals six days a week.

“My inspiration is ‘sophisticated Grandma,’ a foodery that creates dishes like Grandma did but with a twist and a little healthier without compromising taste,” Chrislyn said. “The food we make is what we serve our family and friends. We feel an ownership over our food and are proud of it.”

The restaurant uses all fresh ingredients with nothing that is prepackaged or canned. Chicken is boiled to make stock to create sauces, soups and gravies for homemade soups, pot pies and salads. Fresh fruits, vegetables and other food items are used in each dish to provide a delicious food experience. Chrislyn can create and customize meals to accommodate the traditional eater to the more adventurous.

Carryout by Chrislyn serves fresh sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads all day. It offers up to 10 different sandwich options including steak and cheddar, Reuben, brisket, chicken wraps and Southern favorites of pimento cheese, Southern-style chicken salad or cranberry-pecan chicken salad. It also offers hearty salads, homemade soups and gluten-free items including cakes, Nutella-oatmeal or peanut butter chocolate cookies and pasta. For those on diets, Carryout provides fat-free, or 20/30 “listen to your body” fitness meal plans.

All lunch sandwiches are $7, wraps are $6 and soups are $4. Add a side and a drink for $2. Single dinner meals cost $10 and include one entree and two sides. Sides include mashed potatoes, cinnamon sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, buttered beets, Southern string beans and many other healthy choices.

Carryout also provides complete family dinner meals to make life easier. Dinner menus rotate every week, so customers can choose from several options. Items featured include seafood newburg crepes, roasted turkey with gravy, slow-roasted brisket, a variety of tacos, chicken, eggplant or flounder Parmesan, or gyros.

The best way to describe Chrislyn’s food is to tell you it’s the food we love to eat at potluck dinners at church functions, baby showers, backyard picnics and meals we serve to our closest friends. You can taste the South in many of her dishes such as corn pudding, made-to-order quiches, chicken salad and pimento cheese.

The first item I tasted was the Trio Plate, which consisted of a generous helping of broccoli salad, potato salad and cranberry-pecan salad atop a bed of crisp lettuce and served with another nostalgic favorite — Captain’s Wafers crackers. The plate is also garnished with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. The soft pink-colored chicken salad was creamy and rich with a nice crunch from the pecans and sliced celery and a sweetness from the cranberries. It has a light pink color from homemade cranberry puree. The potato salad was light, and the potatoes are baked instead of boiled, so they are chunky, but tasty and fluffy at the same time. The broccoli salad was bright and sweet. This meal costs $7.

Next, I tried one of the dinner entrees, the slow-roasted brisket with portobello mushroom gravy served with macaroni and cheese and fresh beets. This dish was almost too pretty to eat. The ample portion of slow-roasted brisket was atop a bed of sliced mushrooms, onions and red peppers and drizzled with a rich mushroom gravy. The meat was tender and perfectly cooked, the gravy glossy and decadent, the macaroni and cheese was cheesy good and the beets were warm and earthy. This dish costs $10.

Now onto a sweet treat. Carryout has a wide and impressive array of desserts to feed your sweet tooth, including pies, cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Some examples are the carrot cake, two-layer pineapple upside-down cake, snow petal cookies or whoopie pies. I sampled the crowd favorite — pecan cheesecake bars. These little dreamy, melt-in-your-mouth dessert bars have a shortbread base, cheesecake middle and pecan pie filling on top. You get sweet from the cookie, decadent from the cheesecake and crunchy from the pecans. A triple winner in my book. Four pieces cost $3.

Carryout of Chrislyn also offers catering for large and small events.

Hours are from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Mondays-Fridays and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays. Call 340-9475 or connect on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CarryoutbyChrislyn.

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