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Texas Roadhouse open for lunch Dec. 21-Jan. 1

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By Christina Ruotolo
The Daily Reflector

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Texas Roadhouse located at 720 Greenville Boulevard next to Cracker Barrel in the Shoppes at Greenville Grande has Texas sized food and spirit. The restaurant is as big as Texas too with plenty of space with a down home country feel. Come in and be met with upbeat sounds of top country music and a welcoming staff that will greet you with a smile, a basket of the most incredible rolls and cinnamon butter. Get ready to be amazed as your mouth waters at the display case of steaks lined up ready to be grilled to your preference. Texas Roadhouse is unique because they hand cut all their steaks in house. Step up to the display case and find your perfect steak. By the time you get to your seat and order a tall glass of beer or cool glass of iced tea to go with those luscious rolls, you’ll have a Texas sized appetite.

Texas Roadhouse in Greenville has been serving up grilled steaks and an array of good eats since August 2008. They are known for their world class steaks including the Fort Worth Ribeye, Dallas Filet, New York Strip, Bone-in Ribeye, or the most popular, the USDA Choice Sirloin. They also offer steak kabobs, prime rib, filet medallions and Road Kill which is a smothered steak topped with onions, mushrooms, and cheese. No matter what size steak you choose, you’re guaranteed a great steak that is first seared to lock in the heavenly juices and then grilled to your liking on an open flame. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine was! You can pair your steak with an array of side dishes that are made in-house daily including whipped mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, sautéed mushrooms or onions, or maybe you want a dreamy baked sweet potato topped with miniature marshmallows and a homemade caramel sauce. These are just a few that are offered.

Managing partner, David Hollinger has been working here since they opened and enjoys the fast paced environment and loves doing what he does, connecting with the community with great food. “We have a great staff that goes above and beyond every time to ensure you have a great experience for the entire family,” Hollinger says. Food and family in the south go hand-in-hand and Hollinger and staff have one important value to “give service with heart and everyone will see the plaque on the wall when they enter that has a picture of grandma that says ‘treat everyone like grandma.’ This is a value every server takes to heart,” Hollinger says.

The menu is diverse and offers everyone something they will love to eat. Choose from a variety of filling and tasty appetizers like fried pickles, loaded potato skins, Texas red chili, or maybe some fried Rattlesnake bites made with Jalapenos and cheese just to name a few. There are also hearty salads, award winning ribs, combos with steak, shrimp, chicken, burgers and fish options. Make sure to pair your meal with a drink from the bar. They have ten beers on draft including two Pitt Street brews and a slew of yummy mixed drinks that go great with any meal.

I started my food tour with a tall glass of Blue Moon draft beer adorned with a slice of orange and a signature appetizer, the Cactus Blossom. They take a baby colossal onion, slice it so it looks like petals, dredge in batter and fry to a golden brown, and serve with a side of Cajun horseradish sauce. The breading was crispy, but not too heavy and the onion was mild and sweet. Mix that with a cool and refreshing lightly spiced sauce made with horseradish, cayenne pepper, mayo and sour cream.

Now that I have had a cool glass of beer and appetizer, I’m ready for the main attraction….steak & ribs please. Steak is one of the meals I go back to time and time again when I want to feel full both physically and mentally. You can choose from a 6 or 8oz sirloin cooked to your favorite temperature and pair with a ¼ slab of slow cooked ribs bathed in a signature barbecue sauce. Included were two sides. I selected mashed potatoes with gravy and their signature seasoned green beans. Seeing the seared steak with pretty grilled diamond marks and juice pooling on top and I’m pretty sure I moaned out load. It was lightly seasoned for a perfect tender, juicy and buttery bite. The ribs were glossy with a sticky and slightly crisp outside and there was a lot of melt in your mouth meat that easily pulled away from the bone and warranted a few extra napkins.

Now about those potatoes and beans, Texas knows how to cook’em. Green beans marinated and cooked in a ham broth with bacon, garlic, and onions. I paired that with delicious whipped potatoes covered in a dark flavorful gravy, and it was goal medal Christina approved. Don’t forget about Wild West Wednesday where you can eat an 8oz sirloin with two sides for only $10.99. My food tour was now complete and my belly was happy!

Not only does Texas Roadhouse serve great steaks and food in an atmosphere your whole family will love, but they are known for their fundraising campaigns that raise thousands of dollars for the community. They offer in-house tours for kids and other youth groups which include tutorials on how to make bread and line dancing lessons. Hollinger says that they’re value-driven concepts are why they have a huge following in and outside the restaurant. “A lot of our success is predicated from everything we do in the community. We are a tight knit group and we treat everyone like family…We make everything from scratch and value you as much as you value us and our food,” Hollinger says. Every time I go eat at Texas Roadhouse, I feel welcomed and important, and we all need to feel that way sometimes. We need to not only feel good on the inside with delicious food, but we need to feel we are valued and the people here do that really well.

You might not know this, but most of their servers know how to boot-scoot boogie and line dance. Once an hour, you will hear tell-tale country line dancing music start up and see the staff gather in a long row between the bar and the tables gearing up for a quick three minute break, giving you an added treat during your meal. Clap your hands to the beat and watch as the talented staff laugh and dance. It gives the servers a couple minutes every hour to come together as a family and then head back out doing what they do best, serving you and your family great food.

Texas Roadhouse is open Monday-Thursday 4pm-10pm, Friday 4pm-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm & Sunday 11am-10pm. They will be open for lunch for the holidays starting December 21st- January 1st, they will be opening up every day at 12pm. For more information on Texas Roadhouse or to view their entire menu online, visit TexasRoadhouse.com. You can order online, download their mobile app, or call 252-353-7427.



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