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BC-World Gold


Monday, June 19, 2017

London morning fixing$1251.10off$4.30
London afternoon fixing$1248.15off$7.25
NY Handy & Harman$1248.15off$7.25
NY Engelhard$1251.27off$7.52
NY Merc. spot month$1244.00off$9.80
HSBC Bank USA$1244.00off$9.00
New York (AP)- Prices Monday with Friday prices.

American Eagle, 1 troy oz.$1304.32off$7.57
American Eagle, .50 oz.$674.00off$3.92
American Eagle, .25 oz.$340.12off$1.98
American Eagle, .10 oz.$139.79off$0.81
U.S. Gold Buffalo, 1 oz.$1304.32off$7.57
Austla. Kangaroo, 1 troy oz.$1304.32off$7.57
Aus. Philharmonic, 1 troy oz.$1304.32off$7.57
Maple Leaf, 1 troy oz.$1304.32off$7.57
China Panda 1992, 1 troy oz.$1323.04off$7.68
Krugerrand, 1 troy oz.$1298.08off$7.54
U.S. Silver Coins $1000 face
value pre 1965 circulation.$12126.40off$64.35
U.S. Silver Eagle, 1 troy oz.$19.42off$0.09
U.S. Platinum Eagle, 1 troy oz.$963.90up$5.25

Bulk wholesale prices. Source: Manfra, Tordella, Brooke Inc.