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NC Lottery

NC Lottery


By The Associated Press

Thursday, March 8, 2018

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) _ These North Carolina lotteries were drawn Thursday:

Cash 5


(thirteen, twenty-three, thirty, thirty-two, thirty-three)

Estimated jackpot: $148,000

Lucky For Life

20-24-26-34-39, Lucky Ball: 18

(twenty, twenty-four, twenty-six, thirty-four, thirty-nine; Lucky Ball: eighteen)

Mega Millions

Estimated jackpot: $290 million

Pick 3 Day

6-7-1, Lucky Sum: 14

(six, seven, one; Lucky Sum: fourteen)

Pick 3 Evening

6-9-5, Lucky Sum: 20

(six, nine, five; Lucky Sum: twenty)

Pick 4 Day

1-0-4-7, Lucky Sum: 12

(one, zero, four, seven; Lucky Sum: twelve)

Pick 4 Evening

4-6-6-3, Lucky Sum: 19

(four, six, six, three; Lucky Sum: nineteen)


Estimated jackpot: $385 million