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Cleveland Indians Winning Streak


By The Associated Press

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Aug. 24 Boston13-6
Aug. 25 Kansas City4-0
Aug. 26 Kansas City4-0
Aug. 27 Kansas City12-0
Aug. 28 at N.Y. Yankees6-2
Aug. 30 at N.Y. Yankees2-1
Aug. 30 at N.Y. Yankees9-4
Sept. 1 at Detroit3-2
Sept. 1 at Detroit10-0
Sept. 2 at Detroit5-2
Sept. 3 at Detroit11-1
Sept. 4 at Chicago White Sox5-3
Sept. 5 at Chicago White Sox9-4
Sept. 6 at Chicago White Sox5-1
Sept. 7 at Chicago White Sox11-2
Sept. 8 Baltimore5-0
Sept. 9 Baltimore4-2
Sept. 10 Baltimore3-2
Sept. 11 Detroit11-0
Sept. 12 Detroit2-0
Sept. 13 Detroit12:10p.m.