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Candidate Surveys: Labor Commissioner


Charles Meeker


The Daily Reflector

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Daily Reflector asked candidates in the March 15 primary to respond to surveys outlining their qualifications. Following are responses from one of two Democrats running for Commissioner of Labor. Mazie Ferguson did not respond. There is no Republican primary for the office.


List a few highlights from your personal and professional life that you think best show you are qualified for the office you seek.

I served as Mayor of Raleigh for 10 years from 2001-11. Through teamwork and collaborative leadership, Raleigh moved forward on downtown development, expansion of our parks and greenways, and sustainability initiatives involving water conservation, solar energy and more efficient lighting. I also work as a lawyer, often representing North Carolina Counties. Both these experiences qualify me to be the next Commissioner of Labor in North Carolina.

Tell us briefly what you hope will be a signature achievement from your time in office if you are elected.

My primary goal as commissioner will be to reduce workplace deaths and accidents through employer education and employee training. I also hope to see to it that employees are paid the wages which they are owed and that employees are correctly classified so they receive benefits which they need.

Tell us briefly what most distinguishes you from your opponent(s).

The incumbent commissioner of labor has been in office for years, and the department has lost energy in protecting employees and being fair to employers who follow the rules. I plan to be a much more active commissioner who will see to it that the department does its job. I also have a primary opponent, whom I have not met and thus am not in a position to offer any distinctions.


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