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Tenth Street Connector project on schedule for July 2019


Construction continues on the 10th Street Connector in the April 2017 photo. Officials say the project is roughly on schedule, and Greenville residents can expect to be driving on it by July 2019.


By Seth Thomas Gulledge
The Daily Reflector

Friday, January 12, 2018

Officials say the 10th Street Connector project is roughly on schedule, and Greenville residents can expect to be driving on it by July 2019.

Sarah Lentine, senior assistant resident engineer with the Pitt County office of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, said that crews working the project still have plenty left to do, and residents should not expect to drive on the connector until the final phase of the project in mid 2019.

The projected completion date for the project is July 11, 2019. 

The $30 million project, a 1.4-mile boulevard, will stretch from Memorial Drive over Dickinson Avenue to 10th Street at Evans Street. It will widen symmetrically down Farmville Boulevard before rising over the Dickinson Avenue railroad tracks, where the bridgework is underway. The total cost to the City of Greenville for the project is $1.75 million.

Construction on the project began in September of 2015, and original construction estimates had the project being completed by May of 2019.

Earlier in the building process, engineers reported the project was ahead of schedule, but cautions progress was heavily dependent on weather. Lentine’s new estimate puts the project slightly behind schedule.

Though residents driving past the project may think it appears nearly complete, Lentine said crews still have a long list of tasks ahead of them.

She said the bridge over the railroad and Dickenson Avenue is complete except for paining the barrier rail, installing the remaining coping, installing lights and a fence, and linking a sidewalk to the bridge. She said there still is some sidewalk work to be completed under the bridge as well.

She said crews are installing new drainage pipes at the intersection of Statonsburg Road and Memorial Drive. Once that work is completed, she said, crews will install new traffic signals and traffic will move to a new alignment so that work on the north side of Farmville Boulevard can be completed.

Further, she said, crews need to install new drainage pipes, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and signals at the intersection with Evans Street.

Construction of the project was awarded to S.T. Wooten of Wilson in 2015. Property acquisition for the connector began in 2012. More than 30 businesses were displaced as part of the 150 total properties acquired for the construction of the project.

Amenities including bike lanes, sidewalks and other features are included in the connector. While the 10th Street Connector is a N.C. Department of Transportation project, the city is responsible for paying for improvements like sidewalks, streetlights, landscaping and the Evans Street gateway streetscape.

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