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Council to consider amendments to Town Common, vote on long-term priorities


By Seth Thomas Gulledge
The Daily Reflector

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Greenville City Council will meet tonight to vote on adjustments to the ordinance for the sale of alcohol on the Town Common and to approve priorities for the coming years. 

Council members will discuss amendments to the city code as part of an effort to bring more events to the Town Common.

The first change the council will vote on is a amendment to the permitting process for alcohol sales at the Town Common. The policy allows for the city or a nonprofit organization sponsoring an event to sell or serve malt beverages and fortified wine. The revised ordinance would allow the city, nonprofits, political organizations or others to serve the beverages upon obtaining all necessary ABC permits. 

There are also small changes in the wording of the ordinance to make it more consistent with state law and city code. 

The council also will vote to amend the city noise ordinance to allow for more frequent events at the park. City ordinances to do not allow the police department to issue more than two permits per month within the same location. The amendment would exempt the Town Common.

The goals and priorities of the council originally were mapped out during a two-day planning session in January. The city staff took the drafted version and added actionable steps to accomplishing each priority. These amended priorities will be voted on during the meeting. 

Pending approval, the goals of the council for 2018-20 are:

■ Be a safe community.
■ Build great places that thrive by creating and sustaining complete neighborhoods, growing a green, resilient, healthy, and vibrant city on both sides of the river.
■ Grow the economic hub of eastern North Carolina through the proactive recruitment of businesses.
■ Enhance accessible transportation networks, public building and public infrastructure development.
■ Build a high-performing organization and govern with transparency and fiscal responsibility

In addition to these general goals, the council provided nine priorities for the city to focus on during their tenure. The priorities include 

■ Develop a proactive economic development program.
■ Continue to maintain and construct core infrastructure in the city.
■ Partner with area groups to build a thriving arts and entertainment scene.
■ Ensure the cleanliness of the city and beautify entrances to our community.
■ Develop and implement a comprehensive approach to stormwater management.
■ Continue to implement the Town Common Master Plan.
■ Continue to implement the Tar River Legacy Plan including river access and Tar River vantage points.
■ Enhance public safety through street lighting and cameras.
■ Build a high-performing organization. 

Council members also will vote on an ordinance requested by Arlington Crossing, LLC to rezone 5.498 acres located along the northern right-of-way of West Arlington Boulevard and adjacent to the Norfolk Southern Railroad from MO (Medical-Office) to MCG (Medical-General Commercial).

The request is not in compliance with the Future Land Use plan, and was denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission 4-1 during their Feb. 20 meeting. 

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