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Aiding neighbors with health insurance is focus of prayer breakfast


State Rep. Greg Murphy, R-Pitt, spoke about the importance of filling the health insurance coverage gap at a Wednesday prayer breakfast sponsored by Care4Carolina.


The Daily Reflector

Friday, May 25, 2018

A Wednesday prayer breakfast in Raleigh focused on the urgency of finding a sustainable solution for closing the health insurance coverage gap in North Carolina, according to a news release.

Care4Carolina, a coalition of advocacy groups and health care providers, sponsored the event at the NC Museum of History.

“It is our moral responsibility to find an affordable health insurance solution for the hard-working men, women and families of our state” said Carla Obiol, director of Care4Carolina.

“The time for action is now. While we discuss, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians go uninsured, one illness away from disaster,” Obiol said. “These are the people that keep us safe, grow food that nourishes us and provide care for our elderly, ill and disabled loved ones. We owe them a solution. We call upon our legislators to enact a North Carolina solution this legislative session.”

An insurance coverage gap occurs when a person makes too much money to qualify for Medicaid but makes too little money to afford private insurance offered through the federal marketplace.

“As we heard today, those in the gap represent hard-working families in our state,” Obiol said.

The  event gave residents of rural North Carolina an opportunity to share their health insurance challenges with lawmakers, she said.

“They are not asking for a handout, simply a hand up,” said Rep. Greg Murphy, R-Pitt,  Murphy is the lead sponsor on a bill that would establish a health insurance plan for the working poor. 

Murphy said the Bible instructs believers to care for the corporal needs of their neighbors.

“I believe that the modern day extension of this teaching is to care for the health care needs of our neighbors,” Murphy said. “We in the Legislature have a duty to administer the state’s finances responsibly and our bill, HB 662 Carolina Cares, seeks to provide care for the working poor in a financially responsible environment.”

Care4Carolina participated in listening sessions on the coverage gap in various rural counties across the state. Local leaders talked about the effect that the lack of affordable health insurance and the uninsured has the county and local economy, stressing the urgent need to find a solution.