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Council to vote on denied tenth street rezoning, vote on annual budget

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The Greenville City Council will consider a renoing requestion tonight the would reclassify three residential properties on the south side of 10th Street, just west of Elm Street, for potential multi-family development.


By Seth Thomas Gulledge
The Daily Reflector

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Greenville City Council will vote tonight on a zoning request off of Tenth Street that recently was denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission due to stormwater concerns.

The council also is expected to vote on the annual budget.  

The zoning request would reclassify three residential properties on the south side of 10th Street, just west of Elm Street, for potential multi-family development.

During the May 15 Planning and Zoning meeting, the request was voted down largely over stormwater concerns, as much of the property in question lies in a flood-prone area adjacent to Green Mill Run. 

The properties now contain several single-family homes and are zoned for residential medium density. The request from the property owners — 101010 LLC, Cook RE Holdings LLC and Delta Alpha East LLC — is to rezone the 3.9 acres to office-residential -high density multi-family.

Mike Baldwin, who represented the owners in 10th Street request, said during the May planning and zoning meeting that no definitive plans had been made for the property, but noted that some of its value derived from its close proximity to campus and the ability for students to walk there.

“Mutli-family is encouraged (at the properties) because it allows the potential students to walk to class,” he said.

According to Chantae Gooby, a planner with the City of Greenville, the request is in compliance and appropriate with the future land-use and Horizons 2020 plan. She said the area south of 10th Street was recommended for high density multi-family zoning because of existing uses. Two sorority houses and a student apartment complex border the areas around the requested rezoning.

About 30 residents of the nearby neighborhood came out in opposition to the request, saying it was irresponsible for any development to take place on the property because it would worsen flood conditions.

Contention mostly was related to its location in the 100-year flood zone. The property backs up to Green Mill Run and much of which is in the floodway, making it unfit for development per city code, the rezoning opponents said.

Baldwin argued that the city has done extensive research on flood plains and mitigation tactics, which already are addressed the building code. He said because of the work done by the city staff, building a structure in compliance to the existing codes would not be detrimental to the area.

He said detractors needed to understand that city staff still would enforce requirements designed around these studies and ensure the safety of residents.

The commission ultimately was split on the request, voting 5-3 to recommend denying it. Hap Maxwell, Kenneth Wilson, Margaret Reid, John Collins and Betsy Leech voted against the request.

The City Council will consider the rezoning question and may overrule the commission.

In addition to the rezoning request, the council is expected to vote on the Fiscal Year 2018-19 budget and approve the Fiscal Year 2019-20 Financial Plan.

The two year spending plan utilizes $3.627 million in expected revenue increases for economic development efforts, infrastructure improvements, salary and benefit increases and seven new positions — four of them in the fire department.

The plan maintains the city’s property tax rate at 52 cents per every $100 of taxable property value in the city limits.

The budget was presented to the council during its April and May meetings, and a public hearing on it was held during the Monday night council meeting. No residents of the city came to the meeting to comment on the budget and it is expected to be approved during Thursday’s meeting.

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