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Street repairs back on county agenda


X’s mark over locations where there are imperfections in the road near the intersection of Saddle Way and Trail’s End in the Woodmoor Farms neighborhood.


By Ginger Livingston
The Daily Reflector

Monday, June 18, 2018

Pitt County Board of Commissioners will learn today if residents of Woodmoor Farms subdivision want to go forward with plans to repave five streets and join the state road system.

The board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on an assessment resolution at its 6 p.m. meeting in the Eugene James Auditorium of the county office building, 1717 W. Fifth St.

After the hearing, the board has the adoption of adopting a final assessment resolution that will authorize staff to begin the project.

A majority of property owners in Woodmoor Farms, a rural subdivision located east of Greenville off N.C. 43, want to participate in program where the county will fund improvements to subdivisions streets in unincorporated areas so they will be accepted into the N.C. Department of Transportation road system.

The property owners reimburse the county through as assessment that can be paid in a lump sum or assessed over a 10-year period.

Seventy-five percent of property owners in the affected area signed a petition requesting the project. In March, however, some property owners appeared at a commissioners board meeting with concerns about the projected cost, saying the figure obtained by the county was substantially more than estimates they obtained.

Despite soliciting bids two times, the county received only one bid from Carolina Earth Movers. The bid was $604,465, about $75,000 less than the county estimate but $345,000 more that the highest bid secured by the property owners.

In a memorandum to commissioners, staff said Carolina Earth Movers agreed to reduce its bid to $542,497, which includes a 10 percent contingency. The company also submitted alternative costs for additional work the commissioners and homeowners may want.

The county will have to borrow the money to fund the project and property owners will repay the interest, an estimated $144,644, bringing the total project cost to nearly $687,342.

Staff said if the number of benefited property owners remain at 51, each will be assessed $13,477, payable at $1,347 annually for 10 years.

Also on tonight’s agenda:

• Public hearing on a conditional use permit request.

• Public hearing on a drone ordinance.

• Update on the Southwest Bypass Corridor Land Use Plan.

• A discussion about authorizing a $407,488 repayment to Medicaid.

• A decision about entering into a memorandum of understanding with the state Department of Health and Human Services for all social services excluding Medicaid.

• Approving agreement that the city of Greenville will fund the construction of sidewalks, including unincorporated areas, as part of the state’s plan to turn Allen Road into a multi-lane road.

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