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City pool remains closed


Eleanor Blount dives into the water during the opening day for the 2014 Greenville Area Summer Swim League held at Greenville Community Pool. As of Friday, the pool was still closed due to leaks in the skimmer lines and local swim leagues have been displaced.


By Maya Jarrell
The Daily Reflector

Saturday, June 23, 2018

As of Friday the Greenville Community Pool was still closed due to leaks in the skimmer lines of the pool. These leaks were found by maintenance workers earlier in the summer during routine checks in preparation for the pool’s opening.

Skimmer lines are part of the pool’s filter, and make it possible for the circulation pump to draw water out of the pool and strain it. Without these working properly, leaves, dirt and other floating debris will not be filtered out of the water. Because of this the city has been working to make sure to efficiently resolve the problem and open the pool back up to the public.

Since the pool was supposed to open on Saturday, June 9, the YellowFins Summer Swim Team, a number of Recreation and Parks summer camps, swimming lessons and other civilians who usually frequent the pool have been displaced. Because of this, the city extended the hours at the Splashpoint! Sprayground, allowing people to book 60 minute blocks of time, to try and accommodate for the closed facility.

The city gave no details regarding how the repairs are coming along or when the pool will be reopened to the public, but according to recreation superintendent Don Octigan, information will be sent out today with more details about the pool.

Once the pool is reopened, people will be able to buy passes as in previous years. According to Octigan, daily passes are $1.50, season passes are $10 for children, $15 for adults and $25 for families, and admission is free for children under four years of age. All of these passes are available for purchase at the community pool.