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ECU Alumni Association eliminates membership fee


The Daily Reflector

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The East Carolina University Alumni Association this week eliminated all fees it charges for membership “to better connect and engage with alumni,” an announcement said. 

The association is transitioning from transactional, dues-based membership to includes all Pirate alumni effective July 1. All living graduates of the university are now considered full members of the alumni association, according to a news release issued on Tuesday.

“The new model enhances engagement by removing the barriers to participation,” Heath Bowman, associate vice chancellor for alumni relations, said in the release. “Being more inclusive makes us a better resource for alumni and a more helpful partner to the university.

“We are very excited to reconnect as many Pirates to their alma mater as possible,” Bowman said.

Instead of mandatory dues, the association will encourage giving to the ECU Alumni Priority Fund to help preserve ECU history and traditions, support student scholars and to grow the ECU alumni network worldwide.

The organizational structure, function and mission of the alumni association — to inform, involve, and serve members of the ECU family throughout their lifelong relationship with the university — will remain the same. Life and Centennial members who have made a long-term commitment to the university will maintain their special place of distinction as foundational supporters of the ECU Alumni Association.

ECU joins a growing list of institutions that have moved away from dues-based programs, including Ohio State, Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Central Florida, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and the University of Illinois, the release said.

“Carrying on our mission in an ever-changing world requires us to adapt and change as we continue building a strong base of alumni support here at ECU,” Bowman said. “We are committed to creating a culture of philanthropy, highlighting the impact of our important work, and asking everyone to do what they can to help our cause.”