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Elks, Jones honored for service to Pitt County

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Neil Elks, looks down as Mike Taylor, deputy county manager, reads the retiring sheriff's Resolution of Appreciation on Monday morning.


By Jake Keator
The Daily Reflector

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks and Joyce Jones, former director of Life for NC — or STRIVE — were honored on Monday morning by the Pitt County Board of Commissioners for their longstanding service to the community. 

Elks will leave his position following the election of new a sheriff in this voting cycle. He was elected Pitt County’s sheriff on Dec. 10, 2010. After a successful term he was reelected in Nov 2014.

He began his career serving Pitt County Nov. 1 1978, when he was hired as telecommunicator for the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office. He was promoted to deputy sheriff in June 1986, and subsequently promoted to lieutenant in March 1992. He continued to climb the ranks, making detective in June of 1999, and captain in 2003 before his retirement in 2008.

“I take my job very seriously,” Elks said. “I look forward to whatever God has in store for me.”

Jones took over as the director of STRIVE in 2000. STRIVE, now known as “Life for NC,” works to empower residents ages 16-62 to become more productive members of society. Jones fought to advocate for the training of unemployed and those in prison to help them become better members of the community and society.

Jones has worked mor than 32 years in the field of human services, including assisting those who are developmentally disabled, former offenders, disadvantaged youth, individuals with substance abuse problems and individuals with mental health issues. Jones will retire on Dec. 20. She will be replaced by Robert Lee.

“I am very humbled and honored to have received this resolution,” Jones said. “I especially want to thank this Pitt County Board of Commissioners, because when we first brought this program, STRIVE, to Greenville. … It was the commissioners who also gave us a resolution to be able to have this program. We’ve had such a great and enriched partnership with Pitt County government. In every department you have been a part of making this program successful.”

In other actions, the board:

■ Approved a budget amendment for $557,276 as a receipt for work done to complete facilities maintenance at Pitt Community College. No county funds were used in the project. 

■ Approved a grant for $1,000 for community health involvement initiatives. The funds came from the Vidant Medical Center Community Health Program and will be administered by the Pitt Partners for Health, in partnership with the Pitt County Health Department. 

■ Approved a budget amendment for $25,000 for the purchase of a DLX shelter. The funds come from a Homeland Security grant. The shelter is portable and climate controlled, and will be used during extended search and rescue missions. 

■ Approved a budget amendment for $10,000. The money comes as part of a grant to allow Pitt County emergency and first responders to conduct a full-scale active shooter situation simulation. The exercise will take place in 2019. 

■ Approved a $25,000 budget amendment for domestic violence training for the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office from the NC Council on Women. The sheriffs office will provide an in-kind donation of $5,000.

■ Awarded a $218,923 contract to ACF Technologies to help improve the process of receiving SNAP benefits. The contract will need no additional coast from the county.

■ Approved a bid by Pay*Tel to place phones in Pitt County Detention Center. The phones are projected to increase revenue by 40 percent.

■ Awarded Aramark a contract to provide food services to county inmates. 

■ Approved the purchase of a SecurPASS system for the Pitt County Detention Center. The purchases would be reflected in the 2019-20 fiscal year. The board granted permission to to search for the system under the condition Elliot will sign any and all forms required for purchase.