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Tonight's City Council is canceled


By Ginger Livingston
The Daily Reflector

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Greenville City Council canceled a meeting scheduled for tonight due to expected absences.

The council voted unanimously Monday to scrap the meeting because three members said they could not attend, which would leave too few members to take the required votes.

Two public hearings and subsequent votes that were on the agenda require approval by four council members, City Clerk Carol Barwick said.

With only three council members present, there aren’t enough members to act. Mayor P.J. Connelly can’t serve as the fourth member because he only votes when there is a tie.

One hearing was on a request from Happy Trail Farms to rezone nearly 61 acres located between Belvoir Highway and Sunnybrook Road and at the northeastern corner of the intersection of Belvoir Highway and Redmond Lane from residential-agricultural and general commercial to residential, industry, unoffensive industry and heavy commercial.

The other hearing was on a request from Happy Trail Farms to amend the city’s future land-use and character map so slightly more than 10 acres currently identified as office/institutional land use character would be changed to industry/logistics land use character. The property is located between Stantonsburg Road and the Norfolk Southern Railroad and west of the Southwest Bypass.

The public hearings have been moved to the council’s Dec. 13 meeting.