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Elections board finalizes canvass today


Dave Davis scans voter registration forms in to their computer system at the Pitt County Board of Elections in 2012. Pitt County is one of 28 counties where unregistered voters will get several extra days to registered for November’s general election.


By Ginger Livingston
The Daily Reflector

Friday, November 16, 2018

The outcome of two local Pitt County races are in the balance as Pitt County’s Board of Elections finalizes its verification of provisional and absentee ballots ahead of today’s canvass.

A canvass is the certification of votes, both those cast during early voting, by absentee ballot and on election day and certain absentee ballots that arrive after election day and provisional ballots that have been verified.

Pitt County Elections Director Dave Davis said 132 absentee ballots will be added to the total and 1,474 provisional ballots need to be approved or partially approved today. The canvass begins at 9 a.m. in the Board of Elections office, located in the dark blue modular unit behind the Pitt County Office Building, 1717 W. Fifth St.

While these additions likely will alter the vote count in all contests, candidates in two races are waiting to see who the winner will be.

Currently there is a 10-vote difference between the candidates for Pitt County Board of Commissioners District 3 contest between Richard Allsbrook and Chris Nunnally and a 19-vote difference between Amy Cole and Judy Spell Dupree, the top two vote getters in the Board of Education District 2 contest.

Among the provisional ballots, 377 are in District 3 of the Board of Commissioners and 215 are in District 2 of the school board, Davis said.

There is less than a one percent difference between the winning candidate and second-place finisher. If the difference remains below one percent when the count is finalized the losing candidate may request a recount. The deadline for the request is 5 p.m. on Monday, Davis said.

The final totals will be sent to the state Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement which will finalize the vote. 

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