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Santa shorts: Letter excerpts deliver smiles


Monday, December 24, 2018

Children's letters to Santa are can be hilarious or even heart-wrenching. Here are a few memorable notes out of this year's mailbag for Winterville Parks and Recreation's letters to Santa program:

All I want

■ I want a giant koala bear stuffed animal because my mom and dad won't buy me one. Adilyn

■ I want my own elf, a fake gun to fight my brother with, a fake car to have to drive in. Messiah

■ I want a real bow and arrow so I can shoot trees. BB gun so I can scare away intruders. Drake

■ For Christmas I want a waterproof watch because I always forget it's not waterproof. Ava

■ At this point, just surprise me. Stella

■ I would like some white gloves because my red gloves got chewed up by my dog. Sophia

■ My mom will not let me have an iPhone X, but I just want to have an iPhone X because everyone has one except me. Tripp

■ I want a baby brother because baby brothers are cute. Logan

■ Can I also get snow outside? Jameson

■ I want a Guinea pig. Also, I want hay and food. He will need a cage, too. Bailey

■ If I want to get some more stuff for Christmas I will tell you. Jameson

■ I am not sure what I want for Christmas this year. Sometimes it is very hard to decide. Brooklyn

■ I would like a real kitten, but I am not sure the kitten would not stay on the sleigh. Tyler

■ I would like my mom to not be frustrated over my dad on Christmas. I don't want my mom so stressed out. Kaleee

■ Last year I wanted a Jeep and a golf kart. I don't need them now because I have a dirt bike. Walker

■ Most of all, (I want) world peace. Hannah


Inquiring minds

■ Do you invent things or are you rich? Jackson

■ How is Mrs. Claus? Has she made you a lot of good food? Lily

■ Did you know that I love you? Jeremiah

■ Do you have a fake beard? Erica

■ How much food do you eat in a day? Alexa

■ Don't you train those reindeers? Caleb


Up close and personal

■ Can I ride Rudolph? Emily

■ I want to meet your elves. Abby

■ I hope you don't have diseases that are being passed down the chimney and into our houses. Sydney

■ I will keep track of you because I have a Santa tracker. Desmond

■ I hope your elves are not sick. Jace

■ For Christmas, I'd like you hugging me, staying with me and being nice with me. Krishna


Nice list

■ Thank you for everything you give me. Cammie

■ I think I have been good this year but you know if I have or not. Cayleigh

■ Thank you for delivering these toys to kids. You are the best ever. Jack.

■ I have been a good girl most of the year. I hope I'm still on the nice list. Bristol

■ I have been good because I help my grandpa make eggs and pancakes and get paper towels. When I went to my dad's house, I helped him throw his food away. Jaylin

■ I don't give my mom a hard time. Emersyn

■ I don't quite know if I've been good. Jane

■ I was very good this year, I even got honor roll. Hannah

■ I have been mean or nice. I can't remember from the day after last year's Christmas. Vienna


Great expectations

■ I want a hot tub that has a waterfall on the two sides and has jets. Bristol

■ I know what I want seems a lot because I have a whole list for you to pick from I hope you have no trouble with all these toys. Emersyn

■ May I please have $300? Caleb

■ Maybe you can get me 5 puppies, 9 cars and maybe a quilt. Maybe make me a metal robot … (with) purple eyes, pink hair and orange skin. Her arms can be golden and her legs and feet golden brown. Sydney

■ I want an iPhone X, a horse, a million dollars so I can give it to charity. Mackenzie

■ For Christmas this year I would really like a real diamond. Riley

■ I would like an iPhone 8, a slime-making machine, paint, a computer, a Christmas doll, makeup for girls, a teddy bear, a lot of books, lipstick, a cat, a big pool, some tattoos, Play Doh, a cake machine, bike, real horse, a Barbie house, doll, cat ears, coat, rings, unicorn, a printer and ballet shoes. Isabel


Better to give

■ I would like to get my teacher a necklace. May I also get a card to a place that sells toys so I can spend it with my sister. Meloka

■ I want my grandma to live when I'm 1,000 years old. Mackenzie

■ I want to donate food to charity. Tavallis

■ I want a coffee mug for my teacher. Ayesha

■ If it's not too much trouble, can you look out for my brother? He hasn't' been really good this year because he picks on me, but I think he still needs one present on Christmas Day. Hallie

■ Christmas is not about presents. It's about who you're with and the people you love. Elizabeth.

■ It will be OK if you don't give me the stuff I want because I love you 100 percent. Amelia

■ I am trying to earn money for an angel off the angel tree. Stella

■ My mom, please give her more money just like my dad so she can get whatever she wants. Alejandro

■ For Christmas this year, please send a prayer to all the veterans and fill their hearts with love and joy. James

■ Remember the presents aren't the only part I love about Christmas. Most of all, hope, love and joy. Olivia