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March 19 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

BYH to Grifton’s Shad Festival for being featured in the April edition of Our State magazine. Hope everyone comes down to the back porch community of Southern Pitt County this April 13-14 to enjoy the family-friendly fun.Our Congressional District has undergone a lot of change since Walter Jones won his first term. We have had a lot of Yankees move in and this has changed the culture. There are even some restaurants that serve unsweetened tea! Not that I would patronize them, of course, but it is what I have heard.


Older folks complain about how awful the younger generation is, but clearly don’t look in the mirror and realize how rude they are. I’ve never seen a young person be rude to waitstaff, retail workers, or even tell at people on the street. I’ve lost count of how many old people I’ve seen behave poorly in public.


A no BYH to those idiots using explosives in Belvoir. What is the deal with that? You need to realize that people around you have health problems.


BYH, ECU. While you are renovating the stadium, could you add large fences between the student section and the rest of us? They tend to drift over and try to take our expensive seats every football game.


BYH to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is without a doubt the best thing to happen to the Republican Party in years. She has pushed Democrats so far to the left that they may never find their way back.


BYH to our representatives in whatever branch of our U.S. government they are in. Make them all accountable!


BYH to all the sidewalk haters out there. As a senior and disabled vet, our town having sidewalks that connect to places makes all the difference in the world to me being stuck in my house or being able to shop, attend church, eat out or just get out. Too many drivers speeding by while texting has made our area more dangerous than Iraq to me. Accessibility is for everyone and is long overdue.


Bless ye wearers of the leggings. Ye need to visit the gym more often.


Bless our hearts. Now that the UNC Board of Governors chair has run the ECU chancellor off and befouled the Western Carolina chancellor search as well, how many years will it be before both universities find a person willing to come to N.C. for this nonsense?


BYH to the Pirate Radio whiners! I wonder what they will find to complain about from the ECU baseball perfect game from yesterday? I know they will find something wrong.


Bless the heart of the teams that just won the state titles. What are the chances of those teams taking over the ECU Men's team for next year?


BYH, there are three types of people in this world, those who count their blessings and those who are bad with math.


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